EXPOSE – Artificial Recession Created to Prop Up World’s Billionaires

The current recession is a big success state stated the heads of all the multi national corporations unanimously in their secret publication The Upper Crust Of The Upper Crust.

This publication is known and distributed only to those possessing more than 50 million dollars or controlling more than 10% of the local economy in whatever country they are in.

Reading from a copy carelessly thrown away in Bill Gates’s trash bin, we were able to glean this information from an article therein entitled “We’re In The Money, The REAL Money!” in which it becomes evident from the exuberant writing that the bad economy that has plagued us since the fall of 2007 was a planned and controlled event by the top corporate forces that run things in our financial world.

Using a series of ingeniously camouflaged, decoyed ploys, the top richest 2% of the world’s moneyed people managed to shift the balance of power so that they effectively controlled 98% of the world’s wealth.

“An amazing economic coup d’ tat!” crowed the article. “The world’s wealth now belongs in our hands where it should be. We have successfully eliminated the middle class and made slaves of the lower class and the managers who direct them.”

It is now apparent that the entire 2007 recession was an economic set up for the takeover by the upper classes of the entire financial systems of the modern world. By ballooning the housing market and shoving banks to the point of bankruptcy, they have successfully impoverished the entire working class by pulling the rug out from under them by attacking them at their most basic needs- their money and their living spaces.

It has successfully put them into such a position of desperation and need that the rich will now have a source of cheap labor for the next decade. Already normal people cannot manage to save any money and are forced to work mind bending hours at low wages just to survive.

There is a great pool of homeless in such difficult straits that they will do anything for work. The brilliant maneuvering of the upper class has successfully stripped the lower and middle classes of whatever power or wealth they had.

“The world is our oyster and the bottom feeders can have our scraps to suck on! Let them eat cake, or, better yet, let them eat the crumbs of ours.” states the article. “We have now replaced God as the top man for them to worship.”


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