DSK in Desperate Need of New Housekeeper

Embattled ex-chief of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn continues to defend himself against mounting sexual assault allegations.  While Americans are quick to mark Strauss-Kahn as guilty, his compatriots have not adopted a similar view with 57% of France reporting they believe he was set up by political rivals in a recent opinion poll.

Unfortunately for him, he is being held on bail in the generally hostile conditions of New York City.  To answer for his alleged crime he is required to surrender his passports and spend time awaiting his trial in the harsh conditions of his $50,000 a month New York City Apartment.

The Washington Fancy attempted to reach Strauss-Kahn for comment on his alleged set up, but his lawyer reported he was too busy trolling Craig’s List as he has become desperate to find a decent cleaning lady to tidy up his new penthouse.

Reportedly the last cleaning lady that was hired showed up 45 minutes late, causing some “serious shrinkage” while Strauss-Kahn, famous for his preparation, waited for her naked in the bathroom for 1 hour and 5 minutes on the cold tile floor.

Author: Anderson Pooper

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