Sarah Palin Totally Baffled on New England History Tour

As Sarah Palin wound down her One Nation tour of New England, one thing was abundantly clear to all who came in contact with her. She needed a lesson or two in the history department.

From the Liberty Bell to the Statue of Liberty, Sarah Palin uttered the same phrase over and over again—“I did not know that,” leaving some to wonder if this trip she was taking was a way to get her up to speed on American History in case she does make up her mind to run for President.

In addition to “I did not know that,” she was also overheard saying things like “get outta here” and “you’re joking right?” and the overall consensus was that she mostly just did not know a lot of stuff. For instance, when told that the Battle of the Little Bighorn was not fought in Massachusetts, she uttered an audible “You’re just messing with me now, right?”

There were also reports that Sarah Palin kept her 10-year old daughter, Piper, close at hand to help fill in the gaps when someone more knowledgeable was not convenient. At one point, Piper was caught on camera giving mom a quick lesson in government telling her, “No, mama, Abraham Lincoln did not sign the Declaration of Independence.”

With Fox footing the tab for the “family vacation,” Sarah Palin has proven once again that it’s not what you know but who you know. She may not know Diddly, but she sure can tell you whose face is on the $100 bill. “It’s that kite guy, right?”

Author: P. Beckert

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21 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Totally Baffled on New England History Tour

  1. As to the “nutwing rage” Brian, I’ve been on a raw almond and cashew diet these days. Trying to deal with my inner self and the deep depression I felt on May 22nd with being left behind. The belief that if I had sold just one more bumper sticker, I would be up there too.

  2. Hmmpf. Every time I hear the phrase “sell their soul” I always recall my dear college friend Charlotte Smith.

    Somebody in idle conversation said, “I’d sell my soul for a car like that.”

    Charlotte said, “Yeah, but where would you get the rest of the money?”

  3. Lordy Bobz, where did all this nutwing rage come from? You can like her all you want, but you can’t say she’s not an idiot any more than you can say she’s wildly popular. Her favorables are under 30%. I agree with the 70% of America that holds an unfavorable or no opinion of her. It’s that 30% that can’t seem to figure it out that I have no interest in. (Pollster Data).

  4. “If I meet someone, I can safely and effectively judge them by their opinion of Miss Queen Bee.”

    So you have a very low opinion of somewhere between 68% and 74% of the entire American public (including GOPTea here), depending on which polling data base you access?

    I’m assuming that your judgement of people will pretty much line up with what you yourself think of Miss QB. Right?

  5. “Since when did selling your soul and your belief system to achieve riches become an honorable thing?”

    Since early American history began to be recorded. It abounded amongst the Astors, the Roosevelts, the Carnegies, the Hearsts, the Barnums, the Baileys, the Booths, the Luces, the Kennedys, the Swells, the Not So Swells.
    Hundreds of people sold their souls for the cash. Possibly even thousands.

  6. “…as soon as she bought her first Vera Wang suit”


    as soon as she got the RNC fashion image consultant with the Amex Card, she bought her first VW suit.

  7. I just love that Palin is such an effective touchstone. If I meet someone, I can safely and effectively judge them by their opinion of Miss Queen Bee.

  8. She was a maverick at one time, now she thinks she still is but can’t see that she’s been fenced in. She follows a straight FOX policy line just like a true Nazi Youth would.

  9. I’m kinda thinking L-T that we’re on the same page here…I know my writing about her makes me part of the problem, but I honestly can’t help myself. She’s a rich mine field…

    P.S. I mistook your statement “Sarah Palin doesn’t look dumb to me, etc. as equating intelligence with money. Thanks for clearing that up.

  10. I didn’t equate being intelligent with raking in dough.

    Was only observing that Sarah has played the press like a fiddle with this bus tour. The whole thing appeals to my smartass sensibilities. She’s a ‘media whore’ who doesn’t share her itinerary with the press… unh-huh, with ya so far, uhm I guess.

    That was the oblique point intended in my ‘Upscale Suburban Hillbilly sells house’ gag. (we sign papers 6/27) Why does the bus tour merit any reportage at all? Yet Palin got people who profess dislike of her to do exactly what she wanted.

    And in process, Palin stole wind right out of Romney’s NH activities that week. All you fellow smartasses should be willing to admit, there is cunning at work here somewhere in that org.

    That’s why I think the ‘she’s a dumb bimbo’ approach is a losing strategy. I’d advise Maureen Dowd, Gloria Borger, etc. to switch gears on the woman they despise. ‘She’s a shrewd, driven, ambitious woman focused on feathering her nest first, and America second’ is a narrative that maybe would work in middle America.

    Or maybe ‘willing pawn of shadowy dark forces’ as Rfreed suggests, that could kinda work too. But ‘dumb bimbo’ won’t work. That’s just cocktail party talk for Manhattan echo chambers.

    ‘Palin’s not smart like we journalists; that’s why we’re doing exactly what she wants us to do’… unh-huh.

  11. Interesting story Rfreed, and complements the point I’m trying to offer Beckert.

    But I still believe, (perhaps wrongly, just an opinion)that a Dem Palin would get more gracious treatment from media.

    After all? Joe Biden apparently thought FDR was Pres in 1929 and everybody was watching TV then.

    However, on to how Beckert’s (in my opinion) proved again, she’s smarter than Maureen Dowd…

  12. Palin would be portrayed as a clown no matter who she was with.
    And that is coming from someone who voted her into the Governorship and used to support her.

    Here is an interesting side note.
    I saw Palin in person once.
    I and a fellow coworker were waiting in a drizzle in Juneau for a ferry to take us back to where we worked. We were standing under an awning covering the ramp down to the dock. A man came up the ramp and met a man who had just driven up who said, “The Governor is here.” “Ok, I’ll get the skiff ready.” said the other man and ran back. The driver opened the back door and Palin got out dressed to the nines and Todd got out the other side. They walked between us, she said Hi to my coworker, then went down the ramp arm in arm to the skiff. This is in the time when she had quit as Governor but was still in duty. The skiff took her out to an unusual, very nice sailing yacht. We later found out it belonged to Ruppert Murdoch. In other words, this whole thing of her quitting the Governorship to concentrate on moving up in the television or political world was possible his concoction.

  13. All I’m saying is when money is the driving force behind someone, especially someone who traditionally didn’t have that kind of access to big sums of cash before, the message “for the people” gets skewed, and it becomes more of “what can I do for you to make me money?” She’s sopping it up as fast as she can from whomever will pay her to say what they need her to say. If anyone is the queen of reality politics, it’s Sarah Palin. She seems to be way more interested in where her next deal is coming from than hooking up America’s moms to some great government programs like quality education and decent healthcare for themselves and their families.

    I personally don’t want that kind of person running my show. And for the record, Mrs. Obama does have a certain responsibility to look nice. It goes part and parcel with the job of being First Lady. But I don’t see Michelle Obama looking to any business moguls to pour cash into her account to make sure she looks good for the cameras.

    What really fries me is comments like yours that equate intelligence with getting money. Since when did selling your soul and your belief system to achieve riches become an honorable thing? Every lucrative deal she signs takes her further and further away from the Sarah Palin she wants us all to believe she is. I don’t begrudge her the money, I do take issue with the load of crap she’s trying to dump on the American people to get where she is politically.

  14. And Mr. White is being facetious in that he knows quite well, dim bulbs are equally present in both political parties.

    As to Beckert’s comment? I don’t really see why Palin is a traitor to the working class for wanting to dress nice, and Michelle Obama isn’t a traitor for wanting to dress nice.

    Just objectively observing on the media crusade against Palin? I think they’re taking an unproductive direction. Would be more effective to characterize Palin as a cunning careerist.

    Sarah doesn’t look dumb to me. She just got about $30M in free publicity with her bus tour, after all?

  15. Well sure Mr. White.

    Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga) vigorously questioned whether addition of 8,000 more US troops to Guam will make the island ‘tip over and capsize.’

    Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) said: “Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake thought, ‘Thank God I’m still alive.’ But of course those who died, their lives will never be the same again.”

    Dem VP candidate Biden to Katie Couric in 2008 said, “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television…”

  16. Cmon, are we really having this conversation? That chick is in it for the money, period. She’s no politician, she’s no student of history, and she’s certainly no intellectual. As for knows issues faced by working mothers…she left behind the working mothers as soon as she bought her first Vera Wang suit.

  17. “Prove me wrong by naming a left-wing dullard who hasn’t been swiftly banished for her mental density.”

    Joe Biden

  18. Surely ye jest, LT. A lefty boobtard? I call shenanigans. Only the conservative right suffers fools gladly. They don’t just tolerate lies, I think they prefer them.

    If there was an opening for someone with Palin’s cv on the left, it would have been filled by now. Prove me wrong by naming a left-wing dullard who hasn’t been swiftly banished for her mental density.

  19. But if Palin was exactly the same package, except a moderate Democrat, wouldn’t media response to her be quite diff?

    Mother of 5, knows issues faced by working mothers.
    Of humble origins, earned her college degree, knows value of education.
    Wife of a union member, former small business owner.

    Since I’d just as soon see Sarah in WH as I would Ron Paul, think I can say objectively?

    Looks to me like if Sarah was a Democrat she’d be a media darling, with exact same resume.

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