Obama Signs New Jim Crow Bill into Law

Washington D.C. – Continuing a perfect record of being a doormat for the Neo-Fascists, President Obama signed a reverse civil rights bill into law today. Specifically, the bill addresses the ire of restaurant owners who are tired of serving pesky colored people, and gives a shot in the arm to drinking fountain and tacky sign manufacturers.

Obama has been under intense pressure from the fascist core of the GOP to reverse the decades-old prohibition on separate facilities based on race.

Surrounded by a gaggle of applauding members of the U.S House of Representatives, Obama signed the bill, called the Strange Fruit Bill, with a collection of both white and black pens.

In a brief statement after the bill signing, Obama stated, “The Strange Fruit Bill finally addresses the inequality in drinking fountain and restaurant use that is so prevalent in the United States. Now colored folks have equal access to their own public and private facilities, just like their white counterparts. So let us move on to more important things, like figuring out another way to steal the last penny from a blind man’s cup, so we can give it to our billionaire friends on Wall Street.”

The fascist whiplash was immediate and predictable to everyone but Obama, who immediately walked back to the Oval Office and stuck his head further up his lame ass than usual.

Sarah Palin tweeted, “Here is another communist move by a communist president to give anyone who has a gripe about anything what they want.” Fascist majority leader John Boehner (R-OH) stated,” This is obviously a big waste of government spending and is basically a tax hike on the American people.

The cost of putting up millions of tacky signs in public places is staggering.“ Glenn Beck, Fox News spokesman and xenophobic blabbermouth, wants to know, “What water fountains are the Muslims and Mexicans supposed to drink out of?“ and Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is calling it, “Another big government giveaway.“

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2 thoughts on “Obama Signs New Jim Crow Bill into Law

  1. Having to create two sets of drinking fountains, etc. actually puts people back to work in the manufacturing and construction industries.
    So what do you want: 9.4% unemployment or 9.37% unemployment? Can’t have your compromise cake and eat it too…unless you’re in the colored section, that is.

    P.S. My old friend Jim Crow is sick and tired of being associated with this archaeic law so he’s changing his last name to “Beam”. According to Jim: “At least people are happier to see me.”

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