Michelle Begs Barack ‘No More Teleprompter at Dinner Table’

Things were a little tense last week when President and first-father, Barack Obama, sat down at the family dinner table and appeared to be somewhat speechless. This was the first family dinner since Michelle laid down the law and told her husband Barack that a teleprompter will not be used at the dinner table any longer.

Just in case, Barack had his daughter’s names carefully spelled out on a piece of paper he palmed in his hand, but couldn’t remember the first familys dog’s name!

Saying ‘here pooch’ brought confusing stares from the dog and giggles from his two girls. Barack was even confused at the name of the school where his daughters attended, twice being corrected after calling it Moorview Institute.

Today, things are a little better at the dinner table since Obama ordered White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to stand outside the dining room window behind where Michelle sits and hold up cardboard signs with important script notes written in waterproof ink.

Gibbs, who’s considered a little loopy at times, did cause near panic when two signs were inadvertently held upside down causing the kids to giggle and his wife to wonder why Barack was turning his head so far to one side it was almost upside down.

Author: Bargis Tryhol

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