Seattle Rally to Restore Sanity Needs Donation of Sign-Making Materials

We’re having our second sign-making party, and we need materials to make the signs. The Seattle Rally is established as a 501c3 non-profit, so your donations are more than welcome (and desperately needed,) and it looks like they are also going to be tax deductible.

Help by Donating Materials:
We need poster board, permanent markers (no paint allowed at our sign-making parties) and little things like pencils, pens, and a heavy-gauge stapler. If your company can donate these items, please get in touch with us. If you work somewhere that can provide these items, talk with your boss and ask them to kindly help us in our quest for sanity.

Every item we get donated is one we don’t have to purchase with our limited resources. We can have someone to pick up your donation within a few days, so let us know. Contact Us

Help by Donating Financially:
Since the Seattle Rally to Restore Sanity is a true non-profit, any cash contribution will be fully recognized as a “donation” according to the IRS. That means businesses and individuals can contribute, and we can’t get this shindig into full swing without your help. Contact Us

Help by Joining the Sign-Making Parties:
We have two sign-making parties scheduled for the Lake Forest Park location of Third Place Books on October 16th and 23rd from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Show up and show your support by helping us make a ton of signs for us to hand out to the crowd on the day of the event. (Google Map It)

Example of a fine, moderate sign.
And if you have expertise in rally sign-making, please get in touch and let us know if you can help.

More Information
Is it non-profit?
Yes it is! Your donation of materials or financial support is fully recognized under tax law.

Is it partisan?
No it is not! The rally is not designed to push partisan politics, but rather, to restore sanity in the political discourse (as the name suggests.)

What will the signs say?
We have two main goals with the signs: moderation and a sense of humor. We don’t condone signs that create a division between “us” and “them”, or anything ugly or negative. The materials you donate will be used only to make fun, clever signs pertaining to moderation.

For more info, check out or the Sanity Seattle Facebook page.

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Author: Brian White

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