Obama Will Leave Obama Administration Next Year

PINES RETREAT, Illinois(GlossyNews) — On the campaign trail with norbert b. snortwhistle. In the latest high profile defection from the Obama administration, President Obama announced he will leave the administration early next year to return to community organizing and perhaps author another book.

The Nobel Prize winning diplomat, world leader and author is expected to make good use of his new found free time.

“It’s been great. I’ve enjoyed it and I wish the administration well,” the President said. “But after a couple of years, it’s simply time to return to private life and, hopefully, to even more accomplishments there.”

The President’s announcement was yet another blow to his flailing administration.

Rumors are swirling that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel might exit, while the White House already received resignations from economic adviser Christina Roemer and budget director Peter Orszag. Roemer now spends her time baking, while Orszag plans to work as a toupee adjuster.

And though Washington insiders say there’s nothing unusual about administration officials leaving before a president’s term ends, some top Democrats seem worried.

“It’s tough to lose a guy like Orszag,” said a prominent Democratic strategist. “You don’t replace someone like that very easily.”

The President’s announcement of his own plans did not include details about a successor, but White House sources say a search is underway, and express “utmost confidence” that a number of well-qualified candidates will emerge.

Author: norbert b. snortwhistle

Norbert Bibbington Snortwhistle is not the author’s real name. A freelance writer living in a California beach town, Mr. Snortwhistle writes about business, politics and other strange affairs. You can read his articles on investing and the economy, posted under the name ‘Low Sweat Investing,’ here.

16 thoughts on “Obama Will Leave Obama Administration Next Year

  1. Thanks for all the comments, discussion, light and heat. Readers who’d enjoy seeing some political squirming on the other side of the aisle might check out my recent post on the Tea Party, and stay tuned for an upcoming one on the GOP.


  2. Don’t start a fire and then walk away from the flames!
    Point A. The unbiased economic agency said “The recession is over”, not that jobs were getting filled. Unfortunately not. The upper levels have recovered and are doing well, but they are letting nothing trickle down but the leftovers from their feasting.
    B. No, the Republicans are just plain going to vote against everything Obama is for just to bring him down. They would vote down a magical elixir that would make everyone well just to spite him. (Please don’t deny this, childish arguing is not worth it!)
    C.Obama’s victory? Who said anything about it being a victory? He just cleaned up a mess like he promised too. Of course if a greatly beloved conservative candidate had been behind it then there would be ticker tape parades and shout outs on all the networks, especially one in particular that would not let anyone forget it. It is a tribute to Obama’s sense of modesty that he did not blow his own horn about it. We 911ed Iraq. Afghanistan is where we should have been from the beginning. Had we concentrated on that instead of ‘liberating’ Iraq to become the 51st state it would have all been over by now.
    Notice how the parts about Cheney being a coward and Bush not up to the job always get ignored? Its all about making the other guy look bad at any cost and your side looking good at all costs.
    An interesting point is that the left reacted against Bush out of feeling and emotion. Now the right uses what they consider to be these same ‘tactics’ against Obama in a mental, conscious, artificial, way not realizing that most of the outpouring against Bush came out of real sentiment for the purpose of freedom. With the right it is with the purpose of power and control.

  3. You guys have hit on a bunch of really solid points. He promised the sky, and when you do that, it sets up impossible expectations. I respectfully disagree he’s “through”, with fully half his term remaining before to get work done.

    The Republicans don’t just vote against things they disagree with, they set an early precedent that they were going to vote everything down without regard for the best interest of anything but their own political careers. Take the very first bill, the one to delay digital TV transition, the house republicans voted it down for no known reason. Many Dems voted for it, some against, plus ALL republicans, and there you go, obstructionism at its finest.

    Afghanistan will test Obama, and there have been suggestions that it will be his Vietnam. At this point, that looks kind of hard to argue against.

    But without respect, I must passionately protest bringing Wendy in to the debate. It’s not fair to pick on the gingers just because they have no soul.

  4. I still like the part where Obama slipped up and bowed to the Burger King guy. You know,Wendy’s was furious! McDonald’s just named a burger after him…All bun-no meat. Chic-Filet? Well, they just said chicken is chicken!

    Really,I stand on my comment that the guy is through. The public knows he struggles as a leader anda majority of his policies are hardly main stream.
    Job growth? Well, a recent study has shown the biggest job growth is in government itself. Not a surprise from a big government guy, but what’s really shocking is, since Obama came in, jobs that pay $100K+ in government have increased 1500%.
    Nay votes? Of course the Republicans are going to vote against anything that cannot show a means to pay for a particular program being voted on. I mean, how much debt does Obama want us to have? Good thing Obama doesn’t know what comes after a trillion!
    Aa far as ‘Obama’s latest victory with the war being over’ Obama had nothing to do with winning the war, or having the vision to plan a succesful end. Afghanistan will test Obama, and already he reminds me of the micro-manager battle planner that Lyndon Johnson was. Obama’s mistrust of professional soldiers will eventually cause thousands to die needlessly.

    Now, back to doing what I like and that’s non political stories about silly things. Politics or not, I admire everyone’s writing abilities on this site, so, let’s make our readers just laugh out loud at the stupid stuff that surrounds us everyday.
    Politics? Ten years from now it will still be the same.

  5. P. Beckert makes a very good point. If Boehner et al geunuinely had any interest in doing what’s best for the American people, why did they wait TWO YEARS (a month before the election) to come up with a pledge?

    Bargis, you might want to do a little more research on yer facts there. Obama has a lot of non-governmental experience. He transferred a community outreach group from 1-employee to over a dozen. He spent years as a private sector attorney. Compare that with more traditional career politicians like John McCain, cradle to grave in socialized medicine, public education, government sponsored education, and federal employment. Talk about a pinko!

    As for the partisan bickering, read up on that too. The current GOP votes as a solid, unwavering NAY block. The left, under Bush, was still capable of voting for individual bills on individual merit. If you can’t see that, then your capacity for self-deception is truly formidable indeed.

    Obama experiment over? Weiner goblins to that, I say! You name the stakes and I’ll take that bet.

    Rfreed said: If this is what it comes to then America doesn’t deserve good leadership.… Well, that’s kind of about true though. We’re generally behaving like we’ve gone off our meds cold turkey. It’s sad what we’ve become as a nation. We’ve sold out to the extremists and corporate raiders and there’s nothing on the horizon even proposed to reign it in.

  6. To finish:
    As for his detractors, they seem to have little other talent than character assassination for which they have a genius. Notice also that there was little celebration for Obama’s latest victories- the war in Iraq is officially over and the recession has been declared by the most respectable economic agency to be at end. All you hear is “Obama made this mistake, oh, Obama made that mistake.
    It turns my stomach. If this is what it comes to then America doesn’t deserve good leadership. We have declined to the point of needing a full time kindergarten teacher or a sheep herder for a leader.

  7. Of course we could leave the government to those with lots of experience like the dearly beloved Dick ’em Cheney and his side kick Bushy. Cheney came in with years of experience learning under the tutelage of such great leaders as the dearly beloved Nixon and the oil cronies who wanted him in office. Of course he refused the experience of serving his country in the military SIX TIMES yet suppossedly still had the qualifications to be the Secretary Of Defense and send others to their death in Desert Storm (how is that for a lack of experience? No one comments on that, do they?) And Bush’s experience? Having Daddy prop him and his brother up in responsible positions whether they are right for them or not just to keep things in the family? Give it a break!
    Obama made his own way at least. And he had experiences of another type that few Presidents have had that no one counts- living in a foreign country, not being part of the social norm and experiencing what it is to be an outsider, having to pull oneself up by ones own bootstraps (something which O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Beck rave on constantly about, but the only way they seem to have gotten themselves any where is with their mouths). And Obama brought back something with him when he became President that had also been forgotten- Having RESPECT for other countries other cultures and other people, something the heavy conservatives seem to see as a weakness.
    There is a character flaw in Americans called the Christmas Effect. Everybody loves presents when they are nice and new and beautifully packaged. They will open them and play with them for a while, then they lose their luster or will develop flaws and be cast aside for something new. People loved Obama when he was shiny and new, but now that things are getting a little difficult and one sees that he is not perfect they are ready to cast him aside in hopes that something else shiny and new will come along. Guess what?

  8. This all began innocently enough as a bet between Todd and Sarah recently when they were fence-building in Wasilla along the shores of Lake Lucille.

    Todd said, “I bet I can get Obama to ditch his office before you can.” Sarah said, “Wanna bet?” To which Todd said, “Yea, I wanna bet. Put up or shut up, beyach.” Sarah said, “OK moose brain, you’re on. How about a hundred?” And Todd shot back, “Make it a million.” To which Sarah said, “No fair using my money to bet for your side, loser.” Todd said, “OK, the hundred then.”

  9. Thanks for all your comments and discussion.

    Like they say, politics ain’t beanbag. For the another side of it, please see my posts “Palin Declares War on China” and “Boehner Promises Nothing From GOP.”


  10. All I can say is, what do you expect from a guy having slim life experiences other than working for the government?
    After all, only thing he’s ever done prior to playing President was being an activist ‘community organizer’ getting free money from the state and federal government. That’s all he knows.
    He never imagined what it would be like having to sign both the front and back of a paycheck, hell the government gave him everything he has…most of it free!

    Bombastic narcisstic rhetoric doomed Obama from the start. Promises to everyone for all things knowing he couldn’t deliver most of them. Zero experience in the business sector and surroundimng himself with non business savvy advisors was an ill-fated move.

    Nay votes? Well, I can’t recall the left supporting anything Bush did during office, and why would you think that everything he’s proposed would get a rubber stamp from the right? LikeI’ve always said…please don’t tell Obama what comes after trillion!

    The Republicans, and others that have opposed him, didn’t have to do much to derail Obama. Along with Obama’s massive ego, it was just a matter of time and most people knew it along time ago.

    The Obama experiment is over.

  11. Yes, but do you think that if Obama wasn’t hit with all those nay votes from the right and refusal to at least come to the table, he was bushwhacked (NPI)? It is interesting that the right is coming up with a plan, albeit a superficial plan, at the 11th hour promising to do things to get into office. It will be interesting to see what they really do deliver if given another chance at helm. Without real specifics, I say no matter what side you are on, it’s become a real crap shoot. I still believe they had one purpose these past two years and that was to see Obama fail, not to get this country back up on its feet. Just my honest opinion.

  12. Well yeah rfreed, there are some people orchestrating a dislike of Obama by exploiting his exotic pedigree. But there was orchestrated hate against GW too, right?

    I see it like Obama’s lost the Independents over the economy. The Left is pretty disappointed with him because he totally oversold his ability to implement some fave Left ideas.

  13. The present hate campaign against Obama is nothing more that a major power play by those who recognize only power and are getting more devious and ruthless with their tactics to get it back.

  14. Thank you for your comment. With Larry Summers announcing his departure it seems just a matter of time.

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