VA DMV Unveils New Road Sign

RICHMOND, Commonwealth of Virginia (GlossyNews) — The VA DMV unveiled a new road sign which was signed into law by Governor Bob McDonell on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. The new sign known officially as the VA No Fault Driver Freedom of Action Guideline sign, (VA DMV No FAG sign), can now be seen all across the state. The sign specifically allows or requires, depending on how you interpret it, drivers to do “Whatever The Fuck They Want.”

The sign has raised a lot of controversy since first introduced. PTA and MADD mother Sharon Yates told our reporters that “[she] was very unhappy with the language used in the road sign but [she] believe[s] that it would help save lives of teen drivers.”

There are just as many opponents of the new road sign as there are proponents. Forty-year old Mark Smith was very unhappy with the road sign because it caused him to suffer a fender bender.

“I did exactly what the sign said,” said Mark sheepishly, “but so did the other guy.”

Police listed the accident as a ‘no-fault’ since both parties had done whatever the fuck they wanted to do.

VA State Code ~ 18.420 states that ‘a driver must do whatever the fuck they want’ when they see a ‘Do W/E the Fuck you Want’ sign.

Officer Taylor, who was at the scene of the accident, said that both parties had complied with the law.

Seventeen-year old Josh Burston was very happy with the new road sign. “I usually do whatever the fuck I want at most road signs anyway,” said Josh with a grin.

Governor McDonell is spending one million dollars of the year’s budget on police enforcement of the new sign. McDonell said, “When I ran for Governor, I promised that I would improve the condition of the roads, especially in Northern Virginia, and that is exactly what this new sign is going to do.”

Author: sparky92791