Trump Launches EXTRAORDINARY Expletive-Ridden John McCain Rant.

Universally admired (and hated) celebrity Twitter troll Donald J. Trump has just made an extraordinary online attack on known war hero and suspected warmonger John McCain (wait, did I get that one the right way round?!)

Key Twitter highlights go as follows…


Sooooo, I hear low-life SONGBIRD 🐦is refusing treatment for his brain cancer. I didn’t know they even offered treatment for neoconservatism? As cancers go, this is pretty virulent; I’m surprised there’s any treatment available at all!


McCain seems to think he is some kind of Chuck Norris figure. Well, in that spirit…
John McCain doesn’t get brain cancer! Brain cancer gets John McCain!


Brain tumours always come for you in the end. But personally, I prefer the guys that don’t get caught!


Ofailure said John McCain was ‘making war’ on his brain cancer. Well, I guess it’s not the first time he was fighting a war he probably shouldn’t have been!


At least cancer kills you in the end… Or Johnny ‘Songbird’ McCain, anyway! But the stench of treason will last until the end of of eternity!


Deluded McCain thought he saw a Vietnamese soldier draw a cross on the ground when he was living in the lap of luxury at the Hanoi Hilton. Are you sure it wasn’t a Pentagram? Well, I guess you’re all gonna know the truth when he finally splits hell wide open!


A publicly minded liberty bro just added:

John McCain may have just died, but his cancer didn’t. The cancer of racism, neconservatism, globalistic arrogance and endless, unquenchable humanitarian aggression is still with us, for the time being.

Until we all finally do something it, of course!

There’s a lot of highminded virtue signalling about going after veterans. But I prefer the ones who don’t kill their own troops with warmongering.

It’s not the cloth that makes the monk. But then, nobody could mistake good ol’ J McC for a monk. It’s time to finally put Songbird back in the birdcage! …

Oh wait, too late!


Fellow centrist useful idiot and staggeringly mediocre NATO fellow traveller Madeleine Albright said:

I’m all fine with starving 500 000 Iraqi kids to death and destroying half the known world with my humanitarian bombs; but insulting a dying neocon over Twitter? I just cannot for the life of me imagine the callousness of such a wicked person.

Plenty of crocodile tears were shed by people not generally renowned for their compassion for the ailing and the dead…


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