Assad Needs To be Taken Out Now

There are Syrian refugees risking their lives fleeing to the shores of Greece and overrunning every country between their homeland and Germany.

Many of those staying behind are being brutally murdered and maimed in their own homes and streets.

The finances and resources of the countries taking in the refugees are being badly strained. Great unrest is being fomented in all the lands surrounding Syria.

This is basically all because of one man- Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria.

It is time for him to go in every meaning of the word.

This one man is cause for much misery and suffering in the Mid-East. The entire world would be better off without him.

Now a new element has entered the scene- Vladimir Putin and his hordes of Russian goose-stepping troops. Wherever the Red Star of Russian power shows up despair and repression will soon follow. The Soviets understand only power and the conniving ways to get it and keep it. There is plenty of conniving going on right now.

Vlad convinced the Western allies of his pure and saintly intentions to help the coalition in its battle with Isis. Soviet war planes would come in and help to bomb the wicked Muslim fundamentalists. Instead, immediately upon arriving, they promptly started air assaults on the Syrian rebels we’ve been backing who are striving to get rid of Assad and are fighting for the lives of their families and for their towns. Shortly thereafter arrived unannounced the Russian ground troops who were not asked for. For those with longer than short term memories does this remind you of another place called Crimea?

Putin and his cronies do not do any thing outside the borders of Russia for humanitarian or comradely reasons. Everything they does has ulterior motives.

Russia’s only Mediterranean port is in Syria. Just like it’s main Black Sea port was in Crimea.

We should not kid ourselves- Putin sees Obama, the U.S., Europe and Turkey as being weak. He has already taken over Crimea, the eastern of Ukraine and has shot a civilian airliner out of the sky with impunity. He has gotten away all three of these acts and is eager to see what else he can get away with. He knows everyone is afraid of the Russian bear and are wringing their hands in worry at angering it.

He now wants to see what he can get out of Syria. And he doesn’t care who he kills to get what he wants. He is out to destroy anyone who is trying to topple Assad and thereby his use of the Syrian port.

The simplest possibility to defuse this situation is to get rid of Assad. It would be ugly, controversial and risky, but it would move the King from Putin’s side of the chess board. Just get rid of Assad and let the Russian vampire have his Mediterranean port. He’ll be satisfied with that. It is all he really wants.

One must ask oneself- as evil as assassinations are which is the worse of two evils: the thousands dying and disposed in the Mid-East and Europe or the killing of a despot who has no problem what-so-ever with the first evil mentioned?

Author: rfreed

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