Is Cheney a Traitor? Or Just a Dick?

In the years of the Cheney regime, the word ‘traitor’ took on new meanings unimagined by Funk and Wagnall. The original meaning Webster wrote down some 250 years ago is ‘one who betrays a trust’ — which would pretty much put the whole Bush cabinet in jail.

In our kinetic times it has come to mean the following as well: any social or legal action purported by a liberal; any one who dares criticize the hard Right agenda; anyone who protests our many wars; or, anyone who questions anything the ruling elite does.

Times change, however, and so do meanings. Now the word ‘traitor’ must again be changed to reflect the increasingly complicated times in which we live. Following are the new meanings the term ‘traitor’ should encompass:

1 – Anyone who sent our boys over to fight, die and be maimed in a war whose sole real purpose is the pursuit of wealth through oil or as a land grab.

2 – Anyone who manipulated the economy, for the benefit of themselves and a few friends, to the point of making thousands of others impoverished and homeless.

3 – Anyone keeping their own people intentionally ignorant so that they cannot raise their heads and arms above the poverty their ignorance forces upon them.

4 – Anyone who incites people to emotionally and blindly lash out at any policy set forth by another political entity.

5 – Any educational institution that purposely manipulates the minds of students to be obedient to artificial authorities so that they can be easily controlled.

6 – Anyone who expects his workers and fellow citizens to live on wages that barely pay for their food and a place to live, while they make millions.

7 – Any employer who lays off their fellow townspeople in order to send jobs overseas. (So they can make millions)

8 – Any employer who enslaves the people of another country to make products cheaply in order to undercut competitors at home. (So they can make millions)

9 – Any organization that brainwashes and lies to its own followers to gain their political support. (So they can make millions, too)

10 – Any corporation or business that belittles its employees or treats them like slaves in order to control them easier. (So they can make millions)

11 – Any business entity so cold that it would devastate an entire area of a country by laying off employees rather than lose stock value. (And risk their fortunes the employees earned for them)

12 – Any financial entity that would so contrive the business of real estate that they would profit as many are left without homes.

13 – Anyone who constantly derides or ridicules a governmental official for the purpose of undermining him.

14 – Any military leaders who hire outside agents to work along side them who then in turn gouge and embezzle shamelessly their nations funds. (To make millions while soldiers risk their lives to survive in the middle class)

15 – Any outside agents who would ruthlessly exploit their advantage in a war zone to gain immense profits due to lack of governmental oversight.

16 – Any vice president of a country who would stand by, let this all this happen, and profit from it.

Such as these are the true traitors. They poison their very land of dwelling, then wonder why it rots.


One comment on “Is Cheney a Traitor? Or Just a Dick?

  1. “Anyone who manipulated the economy, for the benefit of themselves and a few friends, to the point of making thousands of others impoverished and homeless.”

    Ironically enough, they blame the Soviets for doing the same thing. These guys can’t afford a mirror by any chance? What the hell do they spend their money on?

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