Top 4 In-Demand Startup Jobs To Keep An Eye On

Let’s say you are getting ready to graduate from business school and you are eager to bring your own contribution to the world of business. Or you are interested in changing your current job for a number of reasons. Whatever might have pushed you to reach this page, kudos to you. We are going to introduce you to a few of the most in-demand startup jobs we think you should know about, no matter if you need to land a new job right now or at a later time. By knowing exactly what to expect, you should increase your chances of getting your dream job. Grab your favorite mug of coffee and find out what are the most in-demand skills and start-up jobs on the market. If you are a business owner yourself  check out this online software for your HR management.

#1: Software Engineers Jobs Are On Top Of The Demand

Tech-driven and non-tech businesses are constantly looking for talented and skilled software engineers. Data from the Department of Labor speaks of a 24 percent projected growth in terms of software engineer jobs by the year 2026. However, simply owning a computer science degree will not suffice to quench the thirst of these companies. You should also be ready to know your ins and outs around coding, design platforms and develop websites. If you happen to be a gamer you can consider yourself lucky. Just think about the high demand in the virtual gambling scene and the continuous development in terms of Augmented Reality. Virtual reality, 3D gaming, social gaming, ever-changing mobile platforms and more. You could actually be designing the next big hit technology and as a gamer you can still make it within the industry even without a formal educational background. There are lots of opportunities online and these jobs are usually easier to compete for, simply look for the career page on various gaming sites on the internet.

#2: Digital And Mobile Skills On High Demand

Be prepared to work with SEO experts to optimize online and mobile sites so they can perfectly cater to the needs of a variety of new operating systems and platforms. More and more people prefer to access company websites using a mobile device, preferably their smartphone. All businesses and startups that want to keep up with the trends must be ready to cater to these exact mobile needs of remote users by upgrading their websites. The number of mobile users who prefer to access business platforms on the go via smartphones is expected to grow six times by 2021. everyone will want to go mobile and do it in style, so you should be prepared to provide them with just what they are looking for. Know how to build Android and iOS apps, how to work with the most popular programming languages and how to debug apps and software.

#3: Data Scientist Jobs Are On The Rise

Startups are also looking for data scientists to feel in their vacant positions and the demand is expected to grow by 28 percent in the upcoming years. Companies are looking for ways to access large amounts of data in order to use it to their best advantage via business analytics tools and projections.

The impressive advancements that have been made in the Artificial Intelligence field are causing this thirst for more data. You will often times find these jobs advertised as data engineer jobs and given the huge shortage of experts (more than 150,000 according to the most recent LinkedIn data), you should not have a problem landing a job. That is, of course, if you also have the skills and training for it. Focus on LA, NY and San Francisco for a larger number of available data scientist jobs.

#4: Jobs That Ensure Customer Success

While jobs as a customer support agent is declining you can instead expect a 27-point growth in the field of customer success jobs and get going on a really nice career path by year 2026. The difference between the two professions is that you work proactively when you work with Customer Success, and reactive when you work with support. If you think you have got what it takes to work as a customer support expert and you can improve customer satisfaction or come up with brand new sets of more effective company procedures, this might be the job for you. Your role will also be tied to comprehending the various roles within an organization and streamlining the operations of a startup, while finding ways of lowering the costs. These jobs are usually dispersed all throughout the country rather than solely focusing on big city areas.

With these four tips of future trends we hope you find your next career path!



Author: Dexter Sinistri

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