Satire Writer Reveals How to Get the Most From Your $100 Hotel Stay

With hotel prices rising and personal income dropping, satire writer NickFun has revealed some clever ways to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ from your hotel stay.

“It’s actually pretty easy to get back or even make money from your hotel visit”, Fun stated. Just follow a few simple tricks!”

Among Fun’s money saving tips are:

1) Breakfast. Many hotels offer an unlimited buffet-style breakfast. Gorge yourself on as much as you can. And drink at least 6 cups of coffee. An equivalent breakfast at a restaurant will cost you at least $20.00.
2) Take the towels. Most hotels have more than enough towels and they will never miss the ones you take.
3) The same goes for sheets and pillow cases.
4) Take the lamps. If the lamps are free standing then by all means, take them!
5) Take the TV! This may be a little tricky as the TVs are usually mounted into the wall. However, a good socket wrench kit should do the trick! They got the TVs in the wall. You can get them out!

Fun pointed out that there may be other items in some of the fancier hotels that may also be worth taking such as the microwave and refrigerator. Cheap hotel chairs are not usually a good item unless they’re leather.

“I recommend you use some sort of false identification to avoid having the items traced back to you. And make sure you disable the security cameras before doing anything with your items!” Fun stated.

Fun showed pawn shop receipts indicating he actually made over $600 on his last hotel room stay.

Author: NickFun

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