College Nerd Gets Back at Frat Guys

After semesters of humiliation, a major league nerd at the University of Arizona has exacted revenge on the group of frat brothers who targeted him for ridicule for his nerdiness, among other faults.

In a personal interview with Bill Maher, Clarence Frederick, 21, recounted the multiple times he had been verbally accosted by the entourage of beer-worshipers whilst completing his normal walk to the dining hall on Saturday afternoon.

“As they drove up alongside my position on the sidewalk, the vehicle’s windows would rush down and I would hear shouts of ‘gayfag 1000!’ and ‘boner maker: the insurrection!’”

Frederick also noted that at times the half-nude, drunk blonde in the back seat would also join in with cries of “Lesbians are sooo homosexual!”

But this Saturday was a little different. Following some negotiations with his CS partner, Libyan native Omar bin-Samar, Frederick was able to procure an RPG from the black market and got ready.

When the group of Omega Omega Upsilon members drove by and mocked him from their car, Clarence Frederick took out an RPG from his backpack and fragged them.

A huge grin spread across Frederick’s face as he gazed openly at the site of flaming wreckage – all which remains of the group’s usual weekend ride, a 2011 Chevy Suburban.

As police sorted through the wreckage, they outfitted the stereotypical blonde alcoholic guy with a repulsor lift–diaper.

“This is gayer than gayness!” he screamed as tears flowed.

Head frat captain John Mallone on the other hand was quite stoic.

“Pass me the Natty Light man,” he said.

According to national reports, Robert Carradine is rejoicing.

Author: Veto Votti

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  1. Ah, the fantasy of every college nerd. We get our revenge though. We get it by getting awesome jobs that pay incredibly well… although I guess some of those assgynas get good jobs from their frat brothers too.

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