To BE or NOT to Be Politically Involved…THAT is the Question!

Distraction #1: Turn away!

You’re probably watching the Crime-and-Investigation channel rather than CNN or MSNBC, right? You just have to take your mind off of real-time, political crimes and investigations going on in this divisive political era. Allow me to offer up some other viewing options:

  • The Food Network…for pity’s sake, it’s Halloween Wars Week, and the pumpkin carving is almost as scary as our politicians in Congress.
  •  Nat/Geo…seriously? The animals are just chasing each other over hill, dale and desert in order to eat or be eaten!
  • ESPN…come ON!  Even golf tournaments have no spectators. 

Books might be a better choice for keeping your head in the sand unless you’ve already ordered the 74 new political books coming out.

Distraction #2: Family and friends

Let’s be honest. As politically divided as some families are these days, you’re giddy that you never have to speak to Uncle Frank again. The pandemic has given you a voice, so you can tell him to f%*k off without regret.

You can now easily identify family members and their political leanings because they’re either wearing red or blue. It’s the relatives in purple who scare you…they’re not even voting. They just like purple.

If you’re able to forgo discussing politics with Aunt Sally, you’ll probably make it.  Just focus on her Tiger King tee shirt and go there instead.

Distraction #3: Work…If you can

If you have work, you’re in the minority these days, so hold tight to your bully of a boss and your bi-polar-off-medication colleagues.

You can wear your mask with V O T E across your mouth because it’s neither left nor right. They can’t indict you for wearing a mask, can they?

Politicians work, I think. They do, don’t they? Their product has been harder to find of late, but they will tell you that they are working for YOU.  If you buy that, make certain that your receipt holds an option for a refund.

Just try to hold onto your job if you have one. ‘Good help is hard to find,’ but good jobs are even harder to get!

Distraction #4: Eat and drink…go ahead!

Those who are intensely political are skinny, and they don’t drink much. Have their second Martini for them while they’re out marching. 

In order to stay politically active, try all of these drinks:

  • The Nasty Woman
  • The Bad Hombre
  • The Donald
  • The Putin and Tonic
  • The Rum and Comey

As far as eating goes, just don’t weigh yourself until 2021, and even then, you might hold off until we’ve rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement.

Humans need sustenance, even political junkies.

Distraction #5: Get plenty of rest

Sleeping is NOT overrated. These times demand that everyone have enough energy to withstand all of the political ‘slings and arrows’ flying around. That requires rest.

There are two camps, obviously. Those who sleep like babies are either just not paying attention to politics of any kind right now or they’re on drugs. Either way, they are to be envied.

We all need sleep. Do whatever you have to to turn off your brain.  Let’s discuss crazy dreams next time!

It’s time to make a choice.  You can run but you cannot hide from politics! 

Author: Kelly Jackson

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