The Dreaded Dredge: Is there Any Reason for Sifting Through Your Crammed Twitter Inbox?

Twitter is an essential social media platform for many people.

But sifting through your crammed inbox can be a dispiriting task.

Is it better deferred until forever?

Not necessarily!

1. Peace of Mind

Sometimes, the longer you let something like this lie, the more anxious you will get. Maybe it depends on you and on your personality, experiences, life circumstances, whatever! But this is one very good reason to have a think about it.

2. Networking

If you find someone in a similar field of business, for example; or creativity; or whatever…

This message of theirs might be a good reminder to reconnect! Or even to initiate a connection.

3. Useful Services or Information

Someone might be offering a usual services or advice to help with your social media promotion, bitcoin trading, flower arranging, guitar practice, whatever! Don’t forget that even if you’ve forgotten about someone you meant to take note of, looking through your inbox can help jog your memory.

4. Old Friends

If someone reconnected with you, you might have missed it the first time around. Friends, colleagues, distant family; all good!

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list; still, I hope it helps. Be brave!

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