(GN Video) Chair B ‘n’ B: Why Waste Your Money When You Can… Just Waste Your Money?

Note from Wallace:

Glossy News troublemakers Brian White and Dan Geddes have recently got together with their latest scam:

Chair B ‘n’ B!

A lot of people out there are stupid enough to waste their hard-earned cash on a few tens of dollars, pounds, Euros, whatever. It’s amazing how gullible people are when they’re prepared to waste their cash on unbelievable white elephants and needless splurge-luxuries; when you can go full Chair B ‘n’ B instead!

Tell all your friends to invest in Chair B ‘n’ B.

Otherwise, we will judge ’em!


We have another ‘slightly dodgy’ video coming up for you tomorrow as well.

Rocky and Spyder with another dodgy deal…


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