The New Las Vegas Raiders Will Allow Sports Betting

Las Vegas, NFL and betting, that’s a perfect combination for sports lovers. In 2020 it is scheduled for the brand new Las Vegas Raiders stadium to be completed. And, since sports betting is legal in Nevada, the officials are looking into incorporating a little bit of it directly at the new stadium according to
Even though the lease for the stadium says that language like “gambling” or “gaming” will be prohibited, it says nothing about mobile betting apps, so access to them is not going to be blocked right there, at least to those that are legal in the state according to ESPN.

State’s Casinos and Sports Books are thrilled
Those that are concerned the most with this are the existing casinos and sports books in the state. Florida gambling legalities at and their well written review have made it clear that they expect for the state to allow betting to take place directly at the stadium, which means you may be able to bet on the same games that you are attending.
At the moment the NFL’s spokesman Brian McCarthy has stated that the “Raiders will have to abide by the rules of the league when it comes to betting”, but he didn’t say anything specific about what the rules may be. The commissioner Roger Goodell on the other hand pointed out that this won’t mean that the Raiders will be removed from the betting boards of the sports books in Nevada.
All of this means live betting while watching the game is a likely outcome, which is pretty cool and awesome, something that Europeans are allowed to do all year round while attending soccer, basketball or other games.

Daily Fantasy Sports?
Since 2015 the state’s attorney general decided that daily fantasy services like FanDuel or DraftKings will require a gaming license just like the best us casinos if they wanted to serve their products. Naturally, since they opposed to the fact that their services may be considered gambling, they never applied for a gaming license.
The only available daily fantasy sports service in the state is USFantasy whose games can be played in some of the sports books across the state. USFantasy will probably be the only such service in the future too because the state officials have very little desire to change the gambling laws regarding fantasy sports.

Betting Reality
What we can be sure about is that the outcome of betting on the Raiders stadium is an almost certain one after Celton Manx announced its Asian Betting Partnership agreements with them and SboBet. Despite the league’s constant opposing to sports betting, they haven’t opposed so far for moving an NFL team to the only US state that allows sports betting.
NFL games have been played in London too, a city where sports betting is allowed and thriving, although the Wembley betting kiosk are closed when NFL is played. But, it’s expected for the NFL to give some push back on this, especially on the mobile sports betting apps that are legal through geolocation, which means blocking sports bettors inside the stadium that want to access the apps they use for betting on sports. But, we will see.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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