Glossy News Classics: The Series Continues. But Will You One Day Make It?

Regular readers will be aware that we recently launched the Glossy News Classics series.

Choice cuts and prime pickings from the vast, VAST back catalog of the second longest-running fake news humor site!

Would you like to get featured in this series? Well, you are up against some stiff competition: but you know you can do great stuff too!


A. If you are currently a contributor, then keep plugging away and honing your art. I can give you plenty of in-depth support (, and you can always ask Brian for any further suggestions or a second opinion (

My job as an editor isn’t just to proofread or schedule new pieces; I am there whenever you need me to help you find fresh ideas, or to develop a (so-far) rather vague sketch or notion, or to help you bring a draft up to scratch as best we can.

So as you can see, this is decidedly NOT a ‘submit and forget’ outlet with minimal editorial support.

B. If you haven’t submitted anything yet… what are you waiting for?! We are here for you, and new contributors, in our view, deserve extra attention and support to take their first steps.

Or again, in the case of more experienced newcomers, we will still make sure you have as much advice and assistance as you could possibly wish for.

Email to submit a piece, to pitch an idea, or even just to try and work out where to start, and how to them creative juices flowin’!

This is gonna be a BIG year! Be with us!

And for the following two days, please do take a moment to enjoy an epic bittersweet movie parody from rfreed, and a funny take on political cynicism from P. Beckert!

Glossy News Classics…

A story old, yet ever new!

Wallace (and all the Glossy News team!)



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