Racist Critics of North Korea & Saudi Arabia Should Check their Privilege! LULZ

The Myanmar Buddho-Marxist Junta, Jabhat-al-Nusra, North Korean Gulags, Saudi Dictatorship…

These are all kind of problematic, but shouldn’t we be focusing on REAL PROBLEMS, like campus cafeterias plundering Indian culinary traditions, or men having inappropriate postures on the Tube….

Before we sanctimoniously moralize about things in other countries that are none of my business?

Who am I to say hanging people or sending them off to break stones is somehow ‘wrong?’

After all, so-called “tyranny” and “oppression” are quite obviously arbitrary social constructs; and without hegemonic Neoliberalism and other colonizing hegemonic discourses, we wouldn’t even have a CONCEPTION of what ‘torture’ actually ‘meant.’

The significance of ‘torture’ is not a brute physical reality, because there is no such thing as brute physical reality.

Before we start being imperialistic and condemning Kim Jong Eun or Ayatollah Khameini, we should remember that you are either for cultural & ideological diversity or you aren’t; there is no middle ground!

Why don’t we deal with our campus microaggressions, culinary appropriation and manspreading before getting on our high horse…

After all, who are we to say we are better than anyone else?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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