Advanced Casino Technology is the Way Forward

NetEnt Leads the Way with the First Virtual Reality Slot

The online casino industry has made incremental progress to present itself as a real alternative to traditional gambling. Now that so many people have made the transition from brick-and-mortar casinos to the online environment, Internet competition has intensified. Not only operators, but also software developers compete for customers and try to come up with something different. NetEnt is once again at the forefront of innovation and it is ready to set an important milestone with a new virtual reality slot.

The leading provider of digital casino solutions plans on bringing an iconic slot called the slots baby to the realm of virtual reality. The decision to choose Gonzo’s Quest is not a coincidence, since this is one of the most popular five reel video slots. This is a bold new step into uncharted territory, but one that shows a lot of promise and carries fewer risks. Technology has evolved enough for online casinos to support VR games and get players fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere.

Virtual Reality Takes Games to the next Stage

The online casino industry isn’t the only one to positively respond to the advancements made by virtual reality technology. Videogame developers are going to great lengths to produce first-person shooters and adventure games compatible with the latest VR sets. Now that the gear is not only reliable but also inexpensive, such games can create a trend. Online casinos are booming in popularity as can be seen here, and they require even less processing power, since slots, table games and video pokers already run smoothly on mobile devices.

NetEnt representatives were happy to announce the imminent release of Gonzo’s Quest for virtual reality this way people can play chilli heat. They are confident that WebVR technology will quickly become the next big thing and will shape the future of online gaming. Players got the chance to check out the game and ICE Totally Gaming and it is expected to be released across the entire NetEnt network in the second quarter of 2017.



Author: Dexter Sinistri

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