12 Exciting 2017 News Snippets You Definitely Won’t Have Seen Yet: (Or Believed) (1/2)  

Cameron, Blagojevich, & Clinton Crime Family to Forge New Career Pathways on ‘Celebrity Corruption Island.’

French Democracy Doomed: Tony Blair ‘Helpfully Advises’ French not to Vote for Marine Le Pen

California Colleges Ban Ice Cream Vans for Triggering Lactose Intolerant Community

North Korean Translation of Libertarian Classic ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is Really Rather More Revisionist than You Might ah Funked it!

David Cameron Gets His Pound of Flesh: Takes Up New Role, Serving as Freelance Pig-Fancier

UK’s PREVENT Programme Targets Dangerous Anti-British Extremists on Twitter… Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn, and Dennis Skinner Under Special Monitoring


Catch the rest tomorrow.


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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