Five Ways a Trump Presidency is Like Gilligan’s Island

Let me just say Richard Condon was wrong. The Manchurian Candidate is from Moscow and he ain’t brainwashed. Nothing about the recent election would make for a decently plausible political thriller or even proper parody. I know truth is stranger than fiction but damn!

There is an eerie symmetry in reality sometimes, parallels between two totally unrelated items that can’t be ignored.

So in the immortal words of Rod Serling, spinning in his grave like a top, presented for your consideration, meet Mr. Donald Trump, unlikely presidential candidate who found himself in the most powerful office in the world….somewhere, on Gilligan’s Island. Submitted for your approval, five ways a Trump presidency is like Gilligan’s Island.

1) A year ago the Trump candidacy was viewed as no more than a three hour tour.

2) Like the Howells, The Clintons seem to carry a lot more baggage than the rest of the castaways.

3) Like Gilligan, despite numerous opportunities to escape being marooned with a moron president bent on tyranny, the American voter still somehow manages to just f**k everything up at the last minute.

4) Like Ginger, Hollywood didn’t really do much of anything useful to help get rescued.

5) Like the Professor, Hillary’s campaign managers could make nitroglycerin for attacks on Trump’s character, make a truth detector to destroy his credibility from coconuts, pump up her social media presence by having her take the Mannequin Challenge and sharing the stage with Jay Z and Bey….but couldn’t fix the gaping hole in her campaign.

About this time, Rod Serling would return to the screen smoking a cigarette to neatly wrap things up with a moral lesson or touch of irony. But in this case, Rod just shrugs his shoulders and mutters, “Uh…I got nothing!”

But that’s just the way it is sometimes….in The Freaking Twilight Zone!


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