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Flying J Travel Plaza Now FU

Flying J Travel Plaza Now FU

Knoxville, TN-Still in the throngs of a federal investigation into fraud, Pilot Flying J Travel Plaza is going ahead with a name change. Starting September 29th, the largest truck stop in the nation will be called FU Travel Plaza.

Speaking on condition of anonymity in order to not get their ass in a bigger sling, a company official gave details about the name change. “This has nothing to do with the federal investigation into fraud by the F.B.I. and IRS. We have been working on a name change for a few years. And most of our executives and senior level staff are going up the river leaving us holding the bag, so F… them. ” the anonymous official stated.

“One of our biggest competitors is TA Travel Plaza, so catchy. It really is a great name, great for playing the alphabet game. I love that game, I gotta P! Anyways, we all know what TA really stands for. I was so excited to go down to the TA when I turned 18, and then so disappointed when all I saw when I walked inside were wieners and Ho Hos.

Kum & Go is getting in on our action too. Their name is very recognizable. We just need to revamp our name so customers will remember us. FU is memorable, and we think consumers will agree.”

FU Travel Plaza is planning a re-branding celebration for September 28th, just outside of Boston, one of the company’s biggest markets. “Nobody says FU like the great people of Boston!”


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