Man Suffers Memory Loss Result of Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong Make Successful Compensation Claim

A man has made a successful cosmetic surgery claim. after his liposuction procedure went wrong leading to memory loss for the victim.

Following liposuction cosmetic surgery gone wrong which occurred in Majorca, Spain in 2006, the unnamed man was diagnosed with ‘cerebral anoxia’ which caused him to suffer short-term memory problems, disorientation and difficulties with his speech.

Memory problems caused by cosmetic surgery gone wrong left the victim with difficulties to remember concepts he had learned only minutes earlier. As a result of the occurrence of cosmetic surgery negligence, the man was declared permanently disabled because of the cognitive disorders and the associated changes in behaviour that they provoked.

Due to his cosmetic surgery going wrong, the man suffers from increased anxiety and aggression, as well as reduced fluency and thinking speed.

Initially having his cosmetic surgery claim rejected on the grounds that he had signed an informed consent form, on appeal his claim was upheld as it was ruled the man was not properly informed of the risks of his cosmetic surgery or anaesthesia.

There was found to be no specific reference to the surgery in the consent form other than in the title and a single mention of the word ‘liposuction’.

In this instance of cosmetic surgery going wrong there was no information about anaesthesia was included in informed consent section of the ‘pre-operation exam’ form. Instead, only the patient’s handwritten name, the name of the doctor, and the date were given.

The 38 year-old victim of cosmetic surgery negligence who made a cosmetic surgery claim, underwent cosmetic surgery on his abdomen and thighs in 2006 when he suffered a heart attack.

As a result of experiencing his cosmetic surgery go wrong, the man was awarded more than £100,000 in compensation after processing a cosmetic surgery claim against the surgeon and anaesthetist responsible.

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