Point-Counterpoint: Thank You for Paul Ryan

Today we bring together our favorite resident moon-bat and wing-nut to talk up the latest in political news.

This week it’s the selection of congressman Paul Ryan as the vice-presidential candidate under Mitt Romney, and for once, we may have reached an across-the-aisle consensus.

Armand Periwinkle for the Republicans:

My words to Mitt Romney and God almighty; thank you for Paul Ryan.

This man is young, handsome, energetic and has a vision the will balance the budget, pay off the deficit and restore America to what it was back when I liked it better.

He’ll also bring in a fresh wave of campaign contributions and energize voters to turnout on election night, so I can sit back and enjoy my popcorn.

He’ll strengthen the defense of our great nation, crack down on immigrants and push hard for the wholesome family values republicans are known for.

Mitt Romney couldn’t have made a better pick. Todd, over to you.

Todd Hemp for the Democrats:

Well my words to Mitt Romney and God almighty is also; thank you for Paul Ryan.

He may be as dashing as Sarah Palin, but he’s just as poison to the moderates. I agree he’ll drive donations and turn out a lot of voters, but he’s going to do both of those things for Obama too. The guy is just too nuts for the left, or even the center, with his ultra-conservative fiscal and social policies.

His plan won’t cut the deficit or balance the budget. Not until 2040, and that’s assuming unemployment drops to 3% and stays there for 28-years, which has never happened once before, let alone for a prolonged period.

Romney has 20-times as much money as Obama, but no more employees. Cash for the wealthy doesn’t equal job creation unless you count Rentboys.

Americans don’t want more money wasted on the bloated defense budget, or a crack down on legal immigration, or a suppression of women’s rights, and that’s going to cause him problems. He wants to dismantle social programs including Medicare, and that’s going to lose him the reliably republican senior citizen voting block. The attack ads are already running.

His budget slashes everything but defense and gives the cash-hoarders trillions in tax cuts. That’s trickle-down economics and eight-years of Bush proved that doesn’t create jobs, economic stimulation, or any benefit this side of the Cayman Islands.

I have to agree that Mitt Romney couldn’t have made a better pick, but I suspect it’s because everyone better than him was offered the spot and said ‘no.’

If this is the best Mitt Romney can do, he’s in a world of hurt.

Armand, you’re rebuttal?

Armand Periwinkle for the Republicans:

Todd, you’re a real dick, you know that? Your rebuttal?

Todd Hemp for the Democrats:

Am, am I supposed to answer that?

That’s all the time we have this week. Join us again next week for Point-Counterpoint and until then, this is news.


7 comments on “Point-Counterpoint: Thank You for Paul Ryan

  1. Excellent point-counter-point. I agree that Congressman Ryan is a great choice as wingman (or wingnut) for Mittens Romney. I for one applaud the selection. – Signed, an avid Obama supporter.

  2. nacting many laws under the Democrats, Liberals or Republicans will remain virtually impossible. As an Independent my vote is not going to President Obama and the only reason I am voting for Mitt Romney, is to insure more TEA PARTY LEADERS unseat all those in Congress. I think potential VP Paul Ryan is a good choice, as he is yet another TEA PARTY politician? Any new laws that make financial sense have never had any possibility of enough votes in the House of Representatives and certainly not the Senate, held in contempt of the will of the people. With a steel grip in the Senate, and constantly failing to reach cloture by arch Liberal incumbent Sen. Harry Reid whatever in the way of bills of any need, will never reach the floor. Both political Parties need to be held accountable for not passing the ‘Legal Workforce bill’ or a crucial amendment known as the ‘Birthright Citizenship Law’. The TEA PARTY however has this initiative that if they affirm more authority and influence in the Republican Party, these two laws will find passage.

    Of course this depends on the assertiveness of the American voter and whether they want to pass legislation to replace unauthorized workers with millions of jobless legal countrymen. Hundreds of billions of dollars are not finding their way back into federal and state taxes, reviving our sinking economy or allowing unconcerned, incorrigible business owners who are paying the majority of illegal workers outside of books. Then again, 36 billion dollars which is purely an estimate, leaves this country each year from the paychecks of illegal foreign workers and not back into sinking state economies.

    This will all transform for the good, if the TEA PARTY can exert pressure in the Congress; if they can fill some of those seats in Washington. In tune with keeping the illegal population down, is by amending ‘Birthright Citizenship’. Sens. David Vitter (R-La.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced this proposal, a simple amendment that no child born in the United States without at least one parent already has citizenship status, or a foreigner who is recruited for military service makes irrefutable commonsense. Again, it’s all about money; once again hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars that are commandeered by the IRS, to pay for baby delivery, and then an ongoing cost for schooling, hearth care and so many other (citizens need not apply) programs. To repeat this information as many times before, that a pregnant female by word of mouth, already has a cerebral guide book on the welfare system and that if she reaches American soil, either by international flight or through the border, they are home free. The immigration agent cannot identify a female who is pregnant and the passport for a visitor doesn’t indicate this? With what is happening now—a cause and effect of the 14th Amendment has placed millions of young children of illegal alien parents in years of torment and anguish.

    If the Birthright Citizenship law had been enacted decades ago, the parents would have recognized that bringing their child here, would have made them deportable? Also they are well versed in American immigration laws, so that the more children they have, the less chance of them themselves being deported. My question is why citizens and lawful residents should be stuck with this traumatic dollar amount. Why are Americans being forced to subsidize foreigners who have broken our laws in the first place, be greeted and rewarded with support? This has been fulfilled since the mass blanket amnesty of 1986. A huge fraudulent echo from the past, has been inherited by citizens and legal others.

    Our politicians have remained oblivious, or more so incompetency or the intention not to stop the 20 million illegal aliens within the interior, with their old parents and children, that are part of a growing wreck to health care, Medicare, and Medicade. Citizen’s right has been stifled by high pressure groups and thousands of other entities, paying no attention to our crumbling infrastructure and raided taxes. Everything in our wilting economy has something to do with American and illegal immigrant freeloaders. Without any exception, the only way we can crawl from this self inflicted mess is to vote into office every U.S. Constitutional TEA PARTY member. I am an Independent, who was once stupid enough to think either party was working for the American people. I have no choice but to vote for MITT ROMNEY as the TEA PARTY will also do, but with the realization that by being integrated into the Republican echelon they will have enormous influence to change the erratic future direction.

    This is essentially what’s being accomplished as already two old, long term Senators have been ousted. Lots more can be done—especially if you’re not a freeloader, who seems to be especially prevalent around the Democrat agenda. Millions want a free ride on the backs of the honest taxpayer, other than those seriously handicapped by some physical or mental sickness. A nation cannot survive if half the country lives of food stamps, cash payments and welfare. Many cities throughout the Republic are being forced into bankruptcy, because of huge union pension plans but also for loss of taxes from people unable to find a job. Using federal mandated E-Verify could change this course and unknown numbers of illegal workers would be forced to leave, under the execution of the Legal Workforce Act’. It’s almost incredulous that their elected pariahs in certain cities have approved protected measures for illegal aliens, almost implausible against ICE intervention. Such states as California, Nevada and others are so deep in severe liabilities, because of furnishing uncompensated funds to foreign families. All 50 states have been cutting back on welfare aid to U.S. citizens and lawful populace, especially to the elderly who are on fixed incomes. States are forced by federal unfunded mandates that demand they must pay for public assistant for anybody who applies.

    Over time with the implementation of E-Verify, a much needed enforcement law could seal the fate of illegal immigration. The bill would also deject more from entering the United States. Other than the E-Verify, illegal aliens will pile over the border or enter by some other route. Other than some kind of national identification card, nothing else could symbolize as a deterrent—but then in my mind, perhaps the illegal alien was never meant to be stopped, otherwise why is it not a felony?

    These two laws are a constant with me, but many other questions are being asked by TEA PARTY members. Such as with gas prices spiraling up, when we have possibly more oil, natural gas and coal to support energy needs for homes and industry? Why is the EPA Environmental Protection Agency not passing out permits, to drill or mine, but instead the U.S. government supporting oil production in Brazil? Before Obama came into power gas was around $1.59 a gallon, when today the implication is scary as it keeps rising. What about ethanol production that is being used as an additive in our gasoline? We are currently confronted with a huge drought and corn prices are going to soar. Why is the Agricultural agency not closing down the Ethanol refineries, and restoring corn production for human consumption? Taxes—everybody must be aware by now, the tax system has been arranged for Democrat and Republican friends and their own profusion of assets. Americans are so gullible, that the only way we will actually see a complete change, as a fair and equitable tax system, is through laws forced through by a TEA PARTY intervention in the Senate and house.

    There is no excuse for not dealing with these issues, before these legislators went off on a nice long rest period. Why would they—as we pay for it. Voters in Missouri who are disturbed and angry at the agenda of President Obama and his 47 Imperial Czars unwaveringly out to dissolve our Republic and place us on a self-destruct path of a Socialistic agenda. President Obama is committed by using executive power to undermine “Checks and Balances” separating the different tiers of government. All TEA PARTY potential lawmakers are true to their oath of allegiance to the United States, the people and the Constitution, while many Liberal politicians are inebriated with power and like the Socialist and even Marxist setups as applied in different regions of Europe. These politicians promised that they will enforce interior immigration laws, the border fence. Moderates and conservatives are observing with antipathy and disgust. They are trying to change America from a free country under God with our freedoms defining the U.S. Constitution into a socialist country that the Leninist have expected since the communist manifesto was drafted. The Obama administration did not cause the disaster we faced in January 2009. Bad policies from both parties in Washington and negligent performance on Wall Street fueled the build-up of bad credit mortgage burden in the financial sector, resulting in crushing insolvency levels followed by a wave of panics, bankruptcies and foreclosures.
    Dr. Corsi of the TEA PARTY DOT ORG states:
    “The Tea Party no longer has the luxury of simply trying to win; it is now do or die for America. The struggle is between a socialist agenda and the survival of the Free-Enterprise Republic. There is no middle ground. To be perfectly clear, if the Tea Party falters now, lays back, slacks-off then America will be gone forever”.

    We will keep rolling over the Washington establishment, takedown after takedown until Obama, America’s President by default and every one of his anti-American socialist-loving, Constitution mortifying Imperials are gone, obliterated, GONE FOR GOOD! Instead of focusing on getting the economy back on the tracks, the president and the last Congress enacted a government-run health care program.

    When Obama’s Czars didn’t like the ‘Defense of Marriage’ Law—they just refused to defend it in court. Oh, then when Congress won’t grant amnesty to millions of ILLEGALS? No problem, America’s pharaoh just opened a gap with an executive order and pressed for the ‘Dream Act’, even though large numbers of our own kids cannot find a job? When they didn’t want to defend America’s borders—they just sued Arizona to reverse the states sovereignty in the courts. And when Congressional inquiries come from evidentiary hearings–his Department of Justice just disregarded the subpoenas. When Obama and his allies wanted to augment their agenda to take away your Second Amendment right to bear arms? They handed guns to known criminals and cartels, in the “fast and Furious” Outrage. The American people have been heavily duped, with con-games such as the numbers associated with the “Dream Act”. How many more foreign nationals will arrive here, encouraged by Obama’s ‘Backdoor’ amnesty. How much fraud will be overlooked by the Democratic administration, canvassing for votes legal and illegal? Nothing is sacred anymore, including honest and fair voting? Using any rhetoric they can, such as voter suppression or the race card in desperation, the Justice Department is once again suing or intimidating states that are trying to protect the electoral cycle from fraudulent voting? This is not a knee jerk reaction, but solid evidence of non citizens voting. Whatever the issue, all can be resolved by the TEA PARTY. You can join the local or central TEA PARTY and help to resuscitate America.

    I am not one to be paranoid—but read about concealed and gagged information on Barack Obama, because there are a lot of inconsistencies in his citizenship background. Read and decide for yourself. Personally, I don’t know what to think anymore of whether he had the right to become President. There is substantial evidence that you must judge for yourself at TEA PARTY DOT ORG.

    No copyright. Spread to every prudent American.

  3. One of the few remaining things Republicans and Democrats agree on is that our debt is out of control and is in desperate need of a solution–which is what Romney’s pick brings to the forefront. Whatever Democrats and Indifferents like me may think of him, Romney showed real political savvy by choosing someone who is at least offering economic solutions and not just party soundbites.

  4. I disagree WP. His plan wouldn’t balance the budget until 2040, but in the mean time would increase the national debt by slashing top tax rates. This is not a sound fiscal plan, it’s looting the treasury to benefit his wealthy campaign donors.

  5. I just doesn’t matter, Brian. Since the world ends in 2012, a plan balancing the budget in 2040 is a no-brainer. We need to get Ryan’s weigh-in on the Rapture in order to see how shrewd he really is.

  6. Erskine Bowles, former Clinton COS, might disagree with you, Brian (at least when he’s not being pressured to tow the party line). And yes, Kilroy makes a valid point.

  7. But honestly, it’s so hard to get good, trustworthy information when everyone is trying to protect their own interests or the interests of their party–Erskine Bowles being the perfect example. Which are we to believe? His rave reviews of Ryan and his budget plan back in 2011 or his retractions and criticisms last month (which coincidentally comes during election time)?

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