Caption Contest: Going Hard for the Bronze

With the Olympics winding down, we have one last picture we need to really get out there.

And this one is a Caption Contest. Post your headline or caption for this story below and we’ll see who posts the best one.

Click the image at right to see it full-size… well, not FULL size, but… well, you know what we mean.

So what’s your caption?

Please post your headline or caption in the comments below. We’ll leave the options open for at least three days, but after that, we’ll just have to shut it down.


12 comments on “Caption Contest: Going Hard for the Bronze

  1. Beth Hanley is the winner of out caption contest. Full disclosure – Brian White was disqualified for this contest as he is the originator and editor of the Glossy News web site. Nice try Brian. Next time use a different picture and sign in email.

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