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Glossy News Classics: The Series Continues! But Will YOU One Day Make It?

Regular readers will be aware that we recently launched the Glossy News Classics series.

Choice cuts and prime pickings from the vast, VAST back catalog of the second longest-running fake news humor site! Read the full story


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The Road Ahead! Glossy News on the Up: Let’s All be Part of the Journey! (1/2)

Glossy News was founded by online satire pioneer Brian K. White. Aside from writing many, many articles, and running various sites, Brian also has his own Glossy News 4K Podcast. See his Youtube here.

But we have had so many great writers. I myself joined Glossy News a while back, and worked  my way up. I am soon launching a channel of my own: Runnymede Video Bomb!

This is in construction, but make sure to follow it! (I already have a small number of videos on it). January will include some old classics (such as ‘9/11 Problems Jay-Z Parody’ and ‘Wall Street Interview,’) as well as some never-before-seen treasures!

Anyway: I’ve been editor for a while, and I’ve helping Brian to seek out and cultivate great new talent for our site. Whether it’s fake news satire (good old classical humor, not malicious hoaxes!); or parodies of movies, poems, novels, songs, whatever; or even some thought-provoking news commentary, whether solemnly sober, pleasantly amusing or even flat out hilarious…

Glossy News is where you want to be!

We have some big plans for the year ahead. But what does this really mean? Find out in five minutes, in instalment two of this achingly classy ‘Alternative (Humor) New Year’s Message!’




Remember to save the bookmark! And we will have a great new battery of sharing icons too… very, very soon!



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The Peace Criminals Project is Going Great! But Will You Write for Us?

The three Peace Criminals sites have been going well.

But we all have limited time.

Can you help by contributing some articles?

New ones are best of all, but some republications are certainly of use too.

We don’t claim any copyright over your work, so you can do whatever you like with it.

Neocon Surveillance

The flagship site: Read the full story


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Welcome to Satirical-Industrial Complex (See also New Hub Site!)

After Neocon Surveillance and Neocon Surveillance Network, meet Satirical-Industrial Complex!

These three sites make up the Peace Criminals website trilogy (or triptych!), for which there is now a new, fairly static ‘hub’ site, which acts as a signpost to the three sites.

NS is the general critique and commentary site; it also includes opportunities for art, e.g. painting, poetry, fake news satire, other short fiction. Critique and commentary can either be satirical or ‘prose’ (i.e. solemn) commentary.

NSN is the general ‘news data’ site. Rather than polemical commentary, it provides information on anti-war protests, anniversaries, obituaries, and other factual info.

Obviously, the distinction between ‘news data’ and ‘news commentary and art’ is not absolute, but I think it’s fairly intuitive nonetheless. Read the full story


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Neocon Surveillance & Neocon Surveillance Network are Now Online: Critique, Commentary & Satire!

Wallace Runnymede and Appleseed Ike have recently launched Neocon Surveillance and Neocon Surveillance Network! These two anti-war and pro-peace sites provide both prose commentary and satire, in order severely and indeed mercilessly critique the current Neocon/Liberal Interventionist consensus.

A. Neocon Surveillance Network provides some basic factual data, e.g. free advertizing opportunities, news of protests, and information on anniversaries related to war and peace.

B. Neocon Surveillance, the key website of the two, is an uncompromisingly contrarian and dissident grassroots blogging outlet. As strong believers in self-criticism among pacifists and non-interventionists, a non-negotiable aspect of our critical responsibility is to explore faults in anti-war movements, organizations, texts, works of arts and individuals; rather than merely criticizing warmongers and their apologists alone. For this reason, we explicitly repudiate far-left and far-right ‘anti-war’ ideology alike.

In this spirit, we are looking for more centre-left and centre-right people (either pacifists or non-interventionists) to join our team: please email wallacerunnymede@gmail.com or appleseedike@gmail.com. If you are not sure if we are for you, or vice versa, please email us anyway, and we can discuss your possible contributions to our cause. Read the full story


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Glossy News Exclusive Exposés

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Glossy News Fake Commercials!

Glossy News Podcast

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