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Rich And Poor State What They Have To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving- Mostly the Rich

“I am thankful that I have a job even though I have to work today ’cause my boss told me too.” said Chad Shafted in a slight break between customers at 11 at night at the Des Plains Walmart in Iowa.

“I am thankful even though I am not being paid a cent extra today.”

On the other hand, the entire Walmart owners, the Walton siblings (and we don’t mean the one from the TV series with Jon Boy), stated “We are thankful we have all these thousands of working bees laboring for us on Thanksgiving so that we can afford our luxus ski vacations in Switzerland today. Read the full story


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Richest 1% Buys U.S. Military to Protect them from Other 99% of Society

In a surprising development, the upper 1% of the richest Americans have purchased the entire U.S. military to protect them from the other 99% that they lord over.

All troops except those actively engaging an enemy somewhere in the world have been called back to bases in the U.S.

“This is a change of monumental proportions!” stated US Today.

“This could bring about an international catastrophe!” cried CNN. Read the full story


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Yuppies Demand That Science Classify Themselves Seperate Species

Yuppies, those demi-gods who live amongst us mere mortals do have a hard go of it. They, by their very existence, are refined creatures so much better than you or I who are mere mortals suckling the earth for survival.

We, the minions who have to go out every day to earn their salt doing those awful jobs to survive and to keep society going are obvious not cut from the same cloth as these modern wonders of refinement, enriched mentalities and superior careers. Read the full story


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Things We Should Have Learned From the Recession

Warning- This is an unfunny article.

Things we should have learned from the recession:

That when the chips are down and they are losing money, the big companies will give up their Ann Rand for Karl Marx and take bailout money from the government which is the worst type of socialism there ever was. Read the full story


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