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Iain Duncan Smith: ‘Saving the Disabled from Useless Suffering’ (1/2)

Iain Duncan Smith has recently shed some Blair tears over disabled people in the UK.

However, believe it or not, most disabled people have been so arrogant and ungrateful as to repudiate his compassionate conservatism!

You know, for too long, the dysgenic community in the UK has been neglected by our government.

Let us never forget that in addition to perfectly normal, non-disabled people, there are also some Untermenschen among us, and this is simply too important to ignore.

No, it is absolutely unacceptable that we should merely leave the dysgenic community and its various individual integral synthetic components alone. Read the full story


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Fundamentalist Anti-Welfare: the “True Individualist” Position? (2/2)

Just to forestall any snap objections, I am not suggesting that “the government” or “the state” is the automatic go-to for all conflicts of interest. Read the full story


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Fundamentalist Anti-Welfare: the “True Individualist” Position? (1/2)

Maybe it’s time the individuals saved ourselves from the individualists.

Or more precisely, from those who speak in the name of all individualists; as though there could only be one model of individualism; a vulgar-Randian one. Read the full story


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The Fastidious Liberators: Open Letter From the Dead (1/2)

We are the dead.

But we still speak.

And condemn.

And we speak and condemn regarding the report on US government’s (or if you prefer, “International Community’s”) footshuffling regarding the torture of the enemies du jour (you know, brown, Muslim, Middle-Eastern, whatever)… Read the full story


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Slamming of ConDems ‘Highly Accurate’

Ministers last night applauded Britain’s leading Roman Catholic for being well-informed and on point. They praised Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols after he denounced government poverty creation schemes.

Downing Street said David Cameron believes there is a moral case only for reforming the corrupt tax system to get international companies to stop avoiding payment of their full dues by squirreling their UK profits into offshore accounts. Read the full story


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Ann Coulter cuts out Latino’s heart, eats it

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter surprised viewers on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show when she carved into the body of a Latino immigrant and pulled out a heart.

“I swear to God we will eat your hearts out, you Mexican illegals. God is greater!” she said. “Undocumented aliens, we will take their hearts to eat them.”

She then put the heart in her mouth and took a bite. Read the full story


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They Aren’t Entitlements, Guys, Lay Down Your Weapons

Every day in the conservative media I hear about slashing benefits in the “entitlement” sector, and while that may sound good, it’s total boshat, and of the highest order.

Almost everything the conservative media decries as wasteful “entitlement” spending is actually fully funded, and has been for generations. So let’s get real.

These aren’t things people feel entitled to. These are things people deserve, and have earned, whether by paying into them, or by participating in one of our many American programs. Read the full story


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Wal-Mart to Reduce Prices to Zero

“We’re all about low prices”

took on a new meaning today, as international retail giant Wal-Mart Corporation announced that it would henceforth accept indentured servitude in lieu of cash or credit payment.

“It has always been our policy to make our prices affordable to everyone,” said Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke at a press conference at Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, “but more and more people have no money at all and their credit is no good. This is our way of accommodating them.” Read the full story


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Merciless Obama Still Threatening to Put More Americans Back to Work

WASHINGTON DC – President Obama has repeated his cruel and draconian threats to put more unemployed people back to work following next year’s election.

During a controversial speech outside the White House Saturday, Mr Obama addressed the so-called “threat to the nation’s welfare” of unemployment, with equally heartless members of congress also calling for the creation of thousands of thankless and miserable jobs for the American people to endure. Read the full story


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Leaked Tax Returns Reveal Romney Barely Scraping by on Food Stamps

WASHINGTON D.C. – In what could prove a decisive blow in the race for the White House, newly released Tax documents have revealed that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is just barely scraping by on food stamps.

Romney’s reluctance to release his tax records had ignited speculation that the former Massachusetts Governor had continued earning revenue from Bain Capital – a multi-billion dollar private equity company of which he was once the CEO – even after 2002. Read the full story


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Drug Testing Pre-requisite to Getting Welfare Checks?

A lot of people are upset over the recently passed law in Florida to drug test welfare recipients. The law requires applicants for welfare to pass a drug screening before they can start receiving benefits.

The law caused an uproar amongst American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) members and hippies alike. Concerns brought up by the ACLU were that the law is unconstitutional and an invasion of privacy. Read the full story


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Obama Food Program Threatens Bush Weight Loss Policies

WASHINGTON, D.C (GlossyNews) — Americans are still too fat, but obesity rates in the United States appear to be slowing, according to newly released research.

Government data show that 68 percent of U.S. adults are considered overweight, having a body mass index of 25 or higher. A third are obese, having a body mass index of 30 or higher. Read the full story


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Anti-Obama ‘Satire’ Written by Zombies?

Much to the dismay of intelligent people the world over, anti-Obama satirists have become robotic, even predictable, running the same treadmill every day in an effort to bring him down. Their constant decrying of the President, no matter what he does, boils down to the same tired formula – ‘Obama bad, Obama stupid, troglodytes good’. They have gone on autopilot with their complaints. Their feeble, anti-intellectual, reptilian nerve ganglia spits out constant spiteful bile at any new Obama policy. Zombie-like, they seize upon any live meat they see and chew it to death. Read the full story


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