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Are Pets He/She… or IT? (comic)

This troubled me as a young kid. I referred to my dog as a “she” only to be corrected. My dog was apparently an “it”, even though I knew her gender… its gender?

Well that’s the human perspective, so I guess we should look to see the perspective from the beast’s side of it. Read the full story


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Canine Bulemia Sweeping the Nation (comic)

Everyone wants to be thin and pretty, so it’s easy to see why our beloved dogs fall victim to the same sorts of pressure as humans.

We could be thin by exercising self-restraint, or, you know, we could just jam a fist down our pie-hole and wretch ourselves inside out. Ta-da! We’re thin. Read the full story


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Jesus Forgives (almost) Everything (comic)

Did you know your sins can be absolved? Did you know your conviction can be overturned in the afterlife? Even if you’ve been sentenced to 15-consecutive life sentences, once you die, you’re absolved and free. That’s the power of Jesus.

You don’t have to live virtuously, just accept Him as your lord and savior. You can continue shooting smack, smacking your woman, and womanizing your neighborhood children… just so long as you love your Christ, accept him as the one true son of God, and maybe throw a few bucks at the church. Read the full story


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