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Katy Perry Spent a Lot Of Time Contemplating Her Super Bowl Act

“Maybe I should do a French Kiss with another superstar like Brittany Spears and Madonna did. I wonder if Taylor Swift would be available for that? Or should I do an underwear-less limo exit like Brittany did that one time? That got a lot of coverage.”

A lot of money and concern is spent by performers and by the NFL alike preparing for the biggest sporting event and one of the biggest entertainment shows of the year in the U.S. Almost anything goes for this colossal showcase which mixes the two key elements that made America great — show business and football. Almost anything… Read the full story


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Crashed Military Jungle Pilot Unfound, FAA Blames Pilot Fatigues

WASHINGTON — Following an investigation into the crash and subsequent disappearance of U.S. Air Force Captain Wilbur “Willie” Rong during a non-combat mission somewhere over the Congo in Central Africa, the FAA has concluded that while the cause of the crash itself remains a mystery, the failure of search and rescue teams to locate the pilot is likely due to the pilot’s fatigues. Read the full story


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Sofia Vergara Reveals Formerly Hidden Talents At The Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards got a huge ratings boost right in the middle of the program when Sofia Vergara’s already revealing dress ripped to expose even more luscious skin.

The curvaceous star was already noteworthy wearing a perhaps too-form fitting green Zuhair Murad dress that suddenly decided it could no longer restrict the bounties of Ms. Vergara’s nature and burst open to reveal some of her long withheld assets.

Men across the country, long dismissive of the Emmy’s as ‘women’s stuff’, suddenly experienced an intense interest in the television arts and tuned in hurriedly to partake of the star of Modern Family’s ‘art’.

The Emmy’s rating poll shot up 300 percent at 8:35 PM last night approximately 2 minutes after Ms. Vergara’s clothing malfunction as the Tweets went out in droves and caused barroom TV’s to rapidly switch from the football game to Sofia’s dire straits.

A large part of the uptick was believed to have been post adolescent young men tuning in to learn something about the female anatomy that still mystified them and knowing that Vergara would be the most excellent example to learn from.

Sofia’s fiancé Nick Loeb virtuously covered her back (side) as she shimmied off to get her gown fixer upper to cover her a— for her, much to the dismay of the half of the men in the audience who were not gay. “Here I thought we were going to have some really worthwhile material on television for a change!” stated David Letterman, who was then told to sit down and shut up by his wife.

Revealed in the disruption was a hitherto unknown bit of body art that Sofia had in the form of a cupid aiming an arrow at her innermost recesses. The imagination can only vaguely conjure what delights are still hidden therein.


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