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Frustrated Voter Questions Paul Ryan’s Birth

Frustrated voter Dixon Notch of Plainville, Ohio has raised a complaint about Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

“I’ve got a problem with Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan,” said Notch. “It’s not Ryan’s right-wing conservative views on things like abortion and gay marriage that bother me or even his far right budget proposal comprising tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for everyone else. Heck, I can even accept that he’s a stupidly big fan of Ayn Rand.” Read the full story


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Paul Ryan: ‘Must Not Look Weak, Must Not Look Weak’

KENTUCKY – Following his televised debate with Vice President Joe Biden Thursday, Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan insisted: “must not look weak, must not look weak, must not look weak.”

Adopting a serious tone during post-debate festivities, the 42-year-old said it was absolutely vital that he refrain from breaking down in uncontrollable tears after what, after all, was a healthy debate with Mr. Biden. Read the full story


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Biden’s Laugh Claims Ryan’s Smirk Isn’t VP Material

Following Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden’s laugh told reporters that Candidate Paul Ryan’s smirk “simply is not qualified for the number two position.”

Biden’s laugh went on to explain that “a President grimaces, and a grimace is a less sad frown which is an upside down smile which is a less happy laugh. So me and the Presidential mouth are like kissing cousins so to speak full of conflicting emotion. Read the full story


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Biden to be Replaced on Democratic Ticket by Complete Unknown

Washington, D.C. – A top Obama aide called Bob van der Valk today to ask him to consider replacing Vice President Joe Biden, claims the author of the New York Times bestseller “The Amateur.”

Efforts to reach the potential new Vice Presidential nominee were met with “No comment”, when he answered the phone at his home in Terry, Montana.

The suggestion to pick Bob van der Valk, who lacks having any experience on every level of holding this important national office, was made by the President’s advisors.

RIGHT: Van der Valk and Obama, together and delighted. (click to enlarge photo) Read the full story


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11 Reasons Sarah Palin Was A Better VP Pick Than Dick Cheney

Ex Minister of Vice Dick Cheney has come out (no, not out of the closet. Don’t we wish!) and said that Sarah Palin was a poor choice for Vice President. Well son of a gun! It’s the pot calling the kettle black!

Let’s take a look at why Palin WOULD have been a better vice President than Cheney ever was:

Read the full story


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GOP Eyes Watson the Computer as Front-Runner Candidate for 2012 Election

Last month, the nation was introduced to the world’s smartest computer: the IBM Watson. Watson is an example of the incredible strides made in artificial intelligence (A.I.). With four terabytes of storage capacity, including all of Wikipedia. Watson knows the answer to virtually any question, from Lady Macbeth to Lady Gaga. Read the full story


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