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Chapter 4: Sisterhood is Treason (Honest Adolph Serial, Volume I)

Ohhh, for the love of…

You remember how vile Senator Bubble was to his Nicaraguan maid, Marta, in Chapter 1?

Well, not only is he a racist and a misogynist, but his woman-hating extends even to his own family.

This chapter isn’t easy to stomach.

But we all know what political power does to people when they allow their consciences to go to the wall.

Don’t accept it!

Be angry!

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Concert Venues Legally Required to Have Separate Restrooms for Trans-Siberian Orchestra

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael Nutter recently signed into law a piece of legislation requiring all concert venues within the Greater Philadelphia Area to provide separate restrooms for members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, sources report. Read the full story


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Report: Obama Fails to Check Privilege

The White House is on the defense after President Obama was caught failing to check his cisgender privilege at the announcement of a new cabinet appointment.

According to reports, the president referred to UN Ambassador nominee Norrie Powers as “she,” violating the general principles of respect for unique sexual identities. Powers is in fact a neutral sex, non-binary genderqueer, omnigendered, transman, pangender, aromantic, demisexual and anti-sexual transfag. Read the full story


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Starz New L.A.M.E. Programming: Introducing Boobs McCannon

What do you get when you combine a female-favored programming style like “soap operas,” with manly subject matter like “gangsters?” You get HBO’s The Sopranos, which sent competitors to sleep with the fishes for the six seasons it ruled Sunday nights. Taking a page from HBO’s playbook, Starz has invested heavily in what they call “original transgendered programming” (and then quickly retitled “Ladies and Mens Entertainment” (L.A.M.E.) after “transgendered” caused some confusion). Read the full story


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