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Simon Cowell Finally on Song for UKIP

Simon Cowell used to be unjustly accused of being the UK’s nastiest and most longwinded self-styled culture expert.

So, in order to avoid the unpleasant stigma of being the nastiest man in Britain, he has finally decided to join UKIP.

Hmm… maybe he was inspired by the Fasc’ Factor event he judged not long ago? Read the full story


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Study: Gun Advocates Commonly Cowards?

A recent study conducted by the NRA surprisingly finds instances of gun ownership are tied directly to those prone to acts of cowardice.

The study surveyed 924 gun owners and asked them a variety of questions, and included 323 non-gun owners as a control group.

When the question was asked “Would you stand up to a bully in the street?” 84% of gun owners said “yes”, but when asked if they’d do so without a gun, the number shrunk to just 14%, compared with 42% of non-gun owners. Read the full story


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Simon Cowell’s X Factor Reams Famous American Idols

What would have happened if Simon Cowell, the inspiration and chief executioner for the wildly popular X Factor show had been around to judge the big stars of American music before they became legends.

Just how many of them would have survived the gauntlet of his withering criticism? I think many would have curled up under his sarcasm like slugs deluged by salt and withered away. Read the full story


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What If Famous Singers Had Endured Simon Cowell’s Acid Tongue On American Idol?

Where would they be today if now famous pop artists had gone through the initiation process gauntlet that other contestants had gone through on the mega hit American Idol Show?

If they had to withstand Simon Cowell’s smarmy, dagger sharp verdicts many would have probably been mowed down like mushrooms to a lawn mower. Let’s take a trip back to the mid 2000’s and see how many of today’s artists would have fared had they been scrutinized by ‘Simon Says’ and what he would have said to them… Read the full story


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Pay-per-view Presidential Debates

It is the dark, painful secret of broadcast journalism. Dedicated professionals actually work tirelessly to produce that lowest common denominator pabulum known as ‘mainstream media.’ Insiders admit the fare is about as nutritious as rice cakes dipped in excrement, but they’re quick to blame the audience. CNN’s Anderson Cooper said, “We only have 360,000 viewers, and most of them are stuck at airports probably. We have to give people what they want.” Read the full story


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CBS Announces New Reality Show Will ‘Buy American’

LOS ANGELES, California (GlossyNews) The producer of TV’s popular “Amazing Race” today revealed expansion plans for the profitable franchise. Speaking from Malibu’s exclusive ‘Psst, You can smoke in here’ Bistro, Lane Fontana wowed reporters. His remarks were also well received by participants in the still going strong Dennis Hopper wake.

“It started with my fears that we’re losing the yokels. Kiefer’s show is off; Simon was smart to bail on his talent contest show. They’re running out of contestants for ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ You watch, Betty White will be on that show, next thing you know. So I just started wondering where do the yokel eyeballs want to go?” Read the full story


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Madonna: Man Enough to Fill Simon Cowell’s Seat?

Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol, is reportedly close to offering Simon Cowell’s soon-to-be vacant judgeship to Madonna, a move that has a lot of people asking if Madonna is man enough to fill the position. Simon Fuller seems to think she is. Read the full story


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Randy Jackson Packing Duct Tape for American Idol Shows

Trouble on the American Idol set already? It’s rumored that Randy Jackson let slip a little secret. He had asked his lawyers to add rolls of duct tape to the usual list of things in his contract he’d need while sitting through some of the worst singing of his life. He also asked for specially designed ear wires that work to take away distracting background noise so that he could focus on the task at hand. Read the full story


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Simon Cowell to Leave American Idol for Walmart

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Wednesday afternoon, American Idol sensational judge Simon Cowell announced that concluding the up and coming season he would leave the popular show. The announcement didn’t come as much of a surprise to the entertainment industry or the American Public.

“It was a long time coming. He was ruining his career anyways,” says Alexis Riggins, a diehard American Idol fan. Read the full story


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Simon Cowell Leaving American Idol for Good

When asked why he was leaving American Idol, Simon Cowell coyly replied, “I’ve got other irons in the fire and it’s just time for me to go.” But sources close to the star claim that, like his fellow judge, Randy Jackson, he misses Paula Abdul and he can’t take another year of Ellen.

Cowell has reportedly said on more than one occasion that “DeGeneres is like the kid in school who would keep at it and keep at it until someone stuffed him in a locker for the rest of the day. Read the full story


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