Neighbors Amicably Resolve Fence Dispute

MAPLEVIEW, OHIO – In a rare event, two Mapleview citizens have resolved their fence dispute without resort to violence, litigation or letters to the editor.

Myron Beaver and Stew Lansing, longtime neighbors, were engaged in what could have been a nasty disagreement over their common property line.

“We’d been neighbors for years,” said Beaver. “And we’d never had any cause for concern until recently when Stew decided he wanted a fence.”

“Yes, I wanted a fence,” said Lansing. “But Myron didn’t want to pay his share of it.”

Normally, such situations tend to escalate and generally lead to nasty fights over property lines, fence heights and costs. But to everyone’s amazement, this potential war was over before it began.

“We just sat down like reasonable people do,” said Lansing. “And we agreed that a fence might not be a bad idea and that if I was willing to pay two-thirds of the cost, Mryron would be fine with that.”

Municipal officials in Mapleview were astounded that this matter was resolved without their involvement.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen this,” said Bylaw Officer Thor Englesson. “And I hope it’s the last. Otherwise, we could be out of a job.”


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