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Stalinism Has Never Been So Funny… Or Ridiculous! A Social Justice Joke

You ever hear the one about the Stalinist SJW? Read the full story


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Salon Slam Slanderous Syrian Smearwork, Big Up Blair

Recently, we discussed a leaked Syrian intel document. It turns out that the UK government and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation have all been identified as violent extremists.

However, notable champagne socialist and latte liberal rag Salon objects strongly to this “hideous misrepresentation of the tragically beleaguered and oppressed humanitarian interventionist community.”

One radical Salonista tear-jerkingly (not to say circle-jerkingly!) notes: Read the full story


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Privileged Latte Liberal Ends Up Hating on Legitimate Asylum Seekers (1/2)

The thing about the postmodernist social justice left is that they often harm the very people they claim to be helping.

The following story is about a (not so?) well meaning middle class latte liberal who wants to stand up for asylum seekers, and ends up smearing them, patronizing them, and making them all guilty with association with the bad guys.

Talk about…

Acceptable Orientalism?! Read the full story


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Noël Coward Parody: Don’t Let’s Be Beastly to Jihadists

Noël Coward famously sang ‘Don’t Let’s be Beastly to the Germans!’ As always, the dour and humorless were not impressed.

Yeah, Daily Mail link… I know! How things change in a few decades! Read the full story


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Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald: Greenwald & the Ghostly-Chilling Effects (1/3)  

I’m going to hold my hands up. It is problematic to write negatively about someone you have once sent a CV to. People may think you are bitter and biased. And I wouldn’t normally do such a thing; prudential-wise and principle-wise alike, there are risks.

However, there are limits to such general principles, after all! And as my loyalty is to satire and to satirists (living and massacred alike), and not to the journalist I am going to talk about in the third person until the very end of this open letter, I am going to stick my neck out. In general, I prefer to take the painfully perilous and even life-endangering path of Charb, and not the safe, quasi-respectable and achingly comfortable path of Glenn Greenwald, a key ‘establishment indymedia’ figure.

 ‘Establishment indymedia?’ Contradiction in terms? Read the full story


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Announcing Charlie Tribute Hebdo Tribute Serialization

Prefatory note by Voltaire:

Eh bien! The following piece, it is all rather ornate-sounding. The artificial style and flamboyance of a pseudo-Parisian, or even a tinpot Hitchens knock-off.

Ah, Mesdames et Messieurs, please do not worry… the essay itself that the Monsieur Wallace is announcing, it will be much less artsy-fartsy. I believe he has drunk of the Anglo-Yuletide sherry, and so you should be so pleased as to not take the contrived style to heart! Next time, he will be more sober, but no less swiftly, eh bien, Swiftly truthful!

I am running my serialization of Why Shouldn’t I Do God from 3-7 January: on Glossy News

This essay appeared in the original edition of the first volume of Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes. The second edition comes out at the end of January 2016. The latter ebook was entitled I Shouldn’t Do God…

Thanks Alistair! The latter Notable-Public-Publicist being ever a source of wanton inspiration and flamboyantly articulate delight, as some will no doubt already be aware…

Here and here.  😉

More soberly, though (and no less seriously), the essay Why Should I Do God may be of considerable interest to those who are not at all too slick and bien-pensant (de droite et de gauche!) to utter the immortal words:

#JeSuisCharlie Read the full story


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