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Publication of “The Brian Williams Story” Nixed

Excerpts from “The Brian Williams Story”, a rumored biography that will now apparently never see print:

November 9, 1989
“All I can say is that it was an honor and a thrill to be the only major American news anchor on site when the Berlin Wall fell. It was a combination of good luck and astute planning that put me there that night so that I could report this major event back home to our NBC viewing audience. Or maybe it was Tom Brokaw. The important thing is that we were there.” Read the full story


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Text Walking to Become New Olympic Sport

Rio de Janeiro – Text walking will become the newest sport to be part of the Olympic Games starting in Rio in 2016. The act of texting while walking has never been considered a sport but since so few people get killed while performing the act, Olympic officials assume there must be some skill involved in the activity.

Although still a relatively new activity in some parts of the world, millions of people navigate their daily lives while having their eyes and attention diverted to their handheld devices for hours on end. Miraculously, only a small number of these self-absorbed people end up in the hospital or worse from the activity. Read the full story


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NBC Drops SNL From Lineup After Jewish Group Protests Unaired Skit


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Trump; “Yuge Deal” Assassinating Osama All Praise to Bush

Humorless comb-over victim Donald Trump, an alleged billionaire by his own self-proclamation, and centerpiece of the NBC ratings basement “Celebrity Apprentice,” has upped his game yet again, going on the offensive against the countless ones of person who insulted him at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Read the full story


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Leno Heckled by the Ghost of Johnny Carson

After dispatching Conan O’Brien from the helm of “The Tonight Show”, Jay Leno returned triumphant months ago, only to be confronted by the heckling ghost of Johnny Carson, apparently still haunting the late-night set. Appearing nightly for months during Leno’s monologue, the apparition is obviously taking a toll on Leno’s timing…not that Leno’s timing was that tight to begin with. Read the full story


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NBC to Debut OH MY GAAAWWWWD in Fall TV Lineup

A “unique” new NBC TV series to debut in the fall is entitled, OHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWWDDDD!!!, and will air every night of the week with a different format each night. For example, Monday nights will allow viewers to witness a facial makeover that will include three OHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWWDDDD!!! moments: One when the makeover candidate is introduced, one during the surgery and another when the makeover is revealed. Other programs include the before and after weight loss of a human leviathan, a horrific true life crime drama, a house makeover and numerous shows with giveaways and bizarre contests. Read the full story


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Bill O’Reilly Welcomes Conan O’Brien To FOX

LOS ANGELES, CA (GlossyNews) — Bill O’Reilly, whom Jon Stewart recently praised as FOX network’s “voice of reason,” welcomed former NBC talk show host Conan O’Brien to FOX last night. In a pre-recorded segment that aired during The O’Reilly Factor, the show’s namesake reminded his audience that O’Brien once worked for FOX as a writer for The Simpsons, before “that unfortunate marijuana business.” Read the full story


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Weight Watchers Weigh-in Brings Building to its Knobby Knees

Friday, a near tragedy occurred in the south central town of Vaxjo, Sweden when the participants in a Weight Watchers group were subjected to a structural failure of the building they were using. During a routine weigh-in to determine the amount of weight each participant had lost, and how much farther they needed to go to meet their goals, the floor collapsed underneath them. Read the full story


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Network Respectfully Declines George Clooney Telethon Offer

The tragic earthquake in Haiti not only shook Port-au-Prince, but also shook Hollywood this week. George Clooney’s star studded Hope for Haiti telethon is geared to simulcast across multiple major networks this Friday. The telethon is expected to generate millions of dollars to benefit those stranded without food and shelter, however one major network has pulled out of the airing entirely. Read the full story


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