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Girls Stab Friend in Honor of Slenderman; Glad it Wasn’t in the Back

Two girls were arrested by the Bureau of Academic and Constitutional Owners for Niggas force for allegedly stabbing a girl after trying to prove the existence of the Photoshopped myth “Slenderman”.

When questioned by the judge, the two girls responded by stating, “Hey, at least it wasn’t in the back.”

The judge was surprised by their testimonies and decided to let them go off with a warning, only if they promised to never do it again. Read the full story


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Duck Dynasty Delusions & American Social Cohesion in Jeopardy, Experts warn

Dateline: WEST MONROE, LA—Phil Robertson, star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, got into trouble with his politically incorrect comments about homosexuality being un-Christian.

For financial reasons, A&E stood by Mr. Robertson, Duck Dynasty will continue filming, and conservative groups have applauded the network.

However, shockwaves from the swirling winds created by the clash between conservative and liberal delusions are still propagating and culture critics warn that they threaten to destroy America with a mega tornado of bluster.
Read the full story


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Myths No Match for Wikipedia, Despite Wikipedia (comic)

Follow up on the previous one in this installment. Ever heard something that was just too juicy to not be true? You don’t have to let it lie there, facts be damned, just add it to Wikipedia and see if it sticks.

Before you know it you’ll be an expert in whichever field of imaginary expertise you set out to conquer.

This cartoon deals with a pattern of willful misinformation.

This is in reference to yesterday’s comic How the Scan-Tron Actually Got Its Name.



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Scientists Discover Rare Pygmy Bigfoots

Vancouver, BC – GlossyNews.com – In what may finally put to rest the perennial “Does Bigfoot exist?” controversy, a team of Canadian scientists from Saskatchewan State College announced Tuesday that it has discovered a race of pygmy Bigfoots living deep in the remote pine forest of British Columbia.

“We tracked a trail of their massive footprints for three days,” says lead archaeologist Jacob Standunsky. Read the full story


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Darkest Horse in the Race Officially Announces Candidacy For President

The following missive was delivered soaking wet with mud stains to the local publisher of dead, compressed tree pulp with black ink smathered across it:

Dear Aspen Daily News,

It is a great grievance to me to have not been invited to participate in your April 10th ‘Meet The Politicos’ special. Read the full story


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Razor Blade Sales Down Despite Halloween

Major razor manufacturer Gillette and pin and needle maker PrickCo have shown slumping sales, even though Halloween is only days away. Late October usually sees a surge in sales of razors, needles, and other sharp objects. Read the full story


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