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Mad Max Maxes Out His Street Cred In… WHERE DID YOU SAY???

Just saw the latest Mad Max movie.




Mad Max just made it back to the screen after a hiatus of only 30 YEARS!!!!!

Mel Gibson got the sack. Too old. Too racist. Can’t have no one who is out saving aborigine kids in the outback being a racist now. Especially with Tina Turner somewhere in the wings waiting to do a cameo. Read the full story


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Never Trust a Fart

A wife returned home from work to find that her husband had become a victim of skid marks in his under garments yesterday evening, after he trusted a fart and allowed it to access the living room.

The incident happened at about 4:17pm after the man, who, for legal and embarrassment reasons, cannot be identified, had reportedly been ‘holding it in’ since the beginning of his carpool with co-workers.

It is thought that the man in question is unharmed, if not a little relieved, and has visited the bathroom. Read the full story


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Lindsay Lohan Opts to Spend Time at Charlie Sheen’s Rehab Center

Lindsay Lohan appeared before Judge Keith Schwartz in Los Angeles today to find out whether or not she’ll be going to jail on charges of stealing a $2500 necklace or if she’ll be granted a new trial before another judge.

While her attorneys asked that the plea bargain contain no jail time, Judge Schwartz could not confirm that and therefore gave Lohan another two weeks to decide if she wanted to accept the plea bargain with possible jail time of anywhere from 30-90 days or have taxpayers splurge on another trial that could land her in state prison if found guilty. Read the full story


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Mel Gibson Writes Toilet Paper Check to Grigorieva for Child Support

Mel Gibson, recently ordered to start paying the mother of his child an additional $15,000 a month in child support, decided to take the opportunity to show Grigorieva just how much he disliked the idea and penned a check on his personal checking account, himself, for $15,000 on a roll of toilet paper.

“Yea, we all know how much toilet paper costs these days and how rare it’s becoming in California,” said Gibson. “I figured she’s gonna need all the help she can get seeing as what I pay her doesn’t seem to be be enough to wipe her own bottom.” Read the full story


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Jimmy Hoffa Found Inside Noah’s Ark

MOUNT ARARAT, Turkey (GlossyNews) — Amazing discoveries continue from a Hong Kong based group of evangelical archeologists. The Xinyou Qing Project (rough English translation, ‘We go find Ark now’) was once little known in the Archaeological community, let alone the entire world. All that changed with their recent announcements of having found the Holy Grail, inside the Ark of the Covenant, inside Noah’s Ark. Read the full story


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