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Glenn Beck Saves TheBlaze by Not Offering Sarah Palin Job

God knows I love her, but we can’t have that kinda crazy around here ~ Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck says that when he heard Sarah Palin was leaving Fox News, he couldn’t have been happier.

“Now she will make something of herself, like I did,” he said proudly, adding “There is, after all, life after Fox.”

When Beck was fired from Fox back in the middle of 2011, many wondered if he’d ever recover from that mighty slap in the face by Roger Ailes. They aren’t wondering any longer, however. The answer is “No, he didn’t recover…yet.” Read the full story


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Sarah Palin’s Book “Going Rogue’ Pulled From Shelves

Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue has been pulled from the shelves due to a large misprint error. The intended, more appropriate title was supposed to be Going With Rouge. Word was sent out by the publishing house to those already possessing copies to just use lipstick to cross out the wrong title and write in the accurate one. This announcement was met with derisive remarks by some reporters making snide comments about ‘lipstick on a pig.’

As an interesting side note, the publisher made the book out of bleached seal guts and bound it in whale hide to give it a ‘true Alaskan flavor.’ Black market copies with the original nude photos in them can be found on the internet and are making a bundle.


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Sarah Palin’s Modus Transportation Operandi

Let’s refocus here, people. Just because a couple of wingnuts crashed a party in Washington, and some athlete, who shall remain nameless, crashed his pretty car and admitted to a few indiscretions; or, just because our President kinda let us think he was gonna do something really brave and order the withdrawal of troops from an unwinnable war but instead decided, what the hell, let’s give it one more go on the taxpayer’s dime. Let’s not lose sight of the really important news that went from front page to page 9 a little too quickly–Sarah Palin’s bogus bus tour. Read the full story


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Palin’s Book “Going Rogue” Defective, Recalled

HarperCollins has recalled all copies of Sarah Palin’s Book, “Going Rogue” and has agreed to refund the purchase price to anyone who wants it. According to a late-breaking press release, the title of the book is missing an extra word and no one caught it until now. The correct title of the book is “Going Rogue Hunting.”

A spokesperson for HarperCollins has indicated that this is one of the largest recalls ever in the publishing industry and agrees that “sometimes, just one misplaced or omitted word can really make a difference.”

HarperCollins expects to have corrected copies of the book ready for distribution within the next two weeks, and is offering an additional incentive to book owners to return the defective copies by offering a second book free, Glenn Beck’s “An Inconvenient Book.”


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Conservatives Disappointed w/ Palin Book: Thought “Going Rogue” Referred to Wearing Underwear

New York, NY: Legions of former Alaska Governor, Sara Palin, supporters reacted with disappointment with her new tell all book, “Going Rogue,” according to national opinion polls. The poll of approximately 5,000 self identified conservatives showed that while 52% “enjoyed the book,” and “agreed with its message and goals for America.” However, a whopping 87% expressed “disappointment” in that “the book failed to deliver what they expected to see.” Read the full story


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Palin-out, The Quitter’s Tour

Russian Porch, AK “Palin-out” —n., the act of leaving before 2009 is over. Todd Palin quit his job with BP’s North Slope oil operation at the beginning of October. News of this quitting comes two months after Sarah Palin’s announcement that she quit her state governor job on July 26. These news items followed the sad news that 54% of the country registered a “big quit” over her and John McCain’s campaign for taking over the White House from G. W. Bush & Co. Read the full story


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