Sarah Palin’s Book “Going Rogue’ Pulled From Shelves

Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue has been pulled from the shelves due to a large misprint error. The intended, more appropriate title was supposed to be Going With Rouge. Word was sent out by the publishing house to those already possessing copies to just use lipstick to cross out the wrong title and write in the accurate one. This announcement was met with derisive remarks by some reporters making snide comments about ‘lipstick on a pig.’

As an interesting side note, the publisher made the book out of bleached seal guts and bound it in whale hide to give it a ‘true Alaskan flavor.’ Black market copies with the original nude photos in them can be found on the internet and are making a bundle.

Author: rfreed

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10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Book “Going Rogue’ Pulled From Shelves

  1. Hey My master, Justice Sotomayor is on your case like a swatter to a fly for calling her a “latino” woman.
    She’s a woman so she is a latina… & not a latina woman either. That’s the same as calling her a female woman, which I am sure you wouldn’t ever consider saying.

    A latino is a man. Just in case you want to correctly use that in a sentence sometime.

  2. “Republicans did NOT make SEXIST comments about Sotomayor. ( The Latino woman )”
    Right, that’s what I’m saying, they made racist comments because they’re not sexists, they’re racists.

  3. To Brian K. White: A sexist comment IS a SEXIST comment….period.
    Liberals made SEXIST comments towards Palin…PERIOD. Republicans did NOT make SEXIST comments about Sotomayor. ( The Latino woman )
    Their comments were based RACIST comments and attitudes that the LATINO WOMAN held against white people. So there are LIBERALS that are SEXISTS AND RACISTS. This should come as no surprise beings as liberals are some of the most HYPOCRITICAL sheeple on Planet Earth. ( Not to mention that liberals are morons )
    To Reverand Mike: I’m not a Palin fan but she is no more of a “joke” than the 60% of sheeple MORONS ( I suppose that includes YOU ) that believe that man is causing global climate change, the bail outs were honest and necessary, Marxism is “good” change”, and Obama is a competent and “wise” pick for a U.S. President. Now THOSE 60% ARE ….FACTUALLY….JOKES.
    To “LOL” : You OWE your LIFE to HUMANS that dispatch(ed) ANIMALS to survive. Read a history book every now and then you MORON.

  4. I still love Regulus’ comment the best. If people are ONLY sexist when disagreeing with someone politically, it isn’t sexism. By definitition it’s being partisan. It’s like saying conservatives are only sexist when it comes to a Latina woman… no, that’s still called racist.

  5. Maybe you should consider WHY it is an instant google lotto winner. Because 60% of Americans think she is a joke.

    Why would we (sorry — far left of liberals) flame you over Gay Marriage? It appears to be catching on like wildfire….

    Of course it was Eisenhower who set the stage for Affirmative Action

    Abortion, well, what can I say? Women should have rights too…

    ~Reverend Mike

  6. Oh, you silly Liberals. You’ll do anything for a click, won’t you? Just mention Palin, and wham, instant google lotto revenue, woo hoo. You just love to rattle the Conservative cages, huh?

    So, to return the favor, I’ll give you six words…

    Gay Marriage
    Affirmative Action

    Now, go ahead and squirm in your seats trying not to flame me for it, or, trying to be first. LOL

    Oh what the heck, a bonus word…

  7. Dear LOL,
    I guess its only ‘sick’ until you realize that Alaskan Natives really do use seal guts and whale hide to make things. Or is your intent just to put down anything that is a threat to your perspective?

  8. Ahem….
    First off, why is everyone automatically a liberal if they dare say anything against a holier than everything icon of the right wing political machine? It could just be someone who has endured enough crap from the political machine in general and who thinks that maybe a third major political party would not be such a bad idea.

    Secondly, I used to live in Alaska and voted for Palin for Governor. She was an excellent governor. She had an 80% approval rating. Both Democrats AND Republicans liked her. Then she got nominated for the VP and it went to her head. She got indoctrinated with all the BS they wanted her to represent. Now she is like a dodo bird.
    I saw her this summer on the dock in Auk Bay in Juneau. This is in the period after she had quit but while she was still in office. She and her husband Todd walked down the ramp and got on Rupert Murdoch’s yacht. That tells me her move was entirely political and that Murdoch, who as an Australian has no business interfering in American politics, is planning on setting her up to be the new poster girl for either the party or the presidency. Someone who can not carry out their only term as a Governor has no business wasting peoples time going for the presidency.

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