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Satirists To Decide Comedic Value of Breadsticks

WILLOW GROVE, PENN. Satirists are gathering at a conference titled “This Article Is An Inside Joke” in Willow Grove this weekend to decide if breadsticks are inherently funny or only so when mentioned in the same sentence as “Olive Garden”.

“Breadsticks by their nature are humorous, just mention the word breadsticks and people laugh,” said Conference Chairperson Freeman Bradley Stix. Read the full story


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An Open Letter To GN And Contributors

Risking open rebellion from artists and maybe the admin, I’d like to make a suggestion.

This site needs a writers forum where contributors can discuss submitted articles and make suggestions to improve our skills.

I’m not a polished writer and I know many experienced satirists might be able to help me to improve my craft and product. I would be immeasurably grateful if the admin created a writers only section where I, and everyone else, could benefit from the collective knowledge and wisdom of others.

Just sayin’…

EDITOR’S NOTE: This feature already exists, but it was mothballed years ago due to inactivity. If there’s a desire by the author’s to re-instate it, share your thoughts in the comments below and and I’ll get it worked back into the system.


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January 2014 GlossyNews Winners Announced

January GlossyNews Winners Announced
We have the best satire staff in the game and it’s with glee I announce the winners of our January contest.

There was a delay in the announcement caused by, you know, let’s say “factors.” A couple are legit, plus also just being busy. Anticipation is a good thing, right?

I can tell you the final decision for the two judge’s choice awards wasn’t easy, but in keeping with tradition, it’s sure to ruffle a few feathers. But you’ll read about how rufflesome momentarily. Read the full story


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ill-Reputed, Reputedly ill Onion Writer Reported Dead

A highly respected writer for The Onion was found dead in near Fargo, North Dakota Thursday. The cause of death is still being investigated. The body of Kilroy Kovacs III, who went by the pseudonym “Kilroy”, was found in an abandoned house with a typewriter on his lap and an empty bottle of Jack.

Police are not saying if the 25 page document discovered in the immediate vicinity was a suicide note, but they are calling the death “suspicious”. Read the full story


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GlossyNews.com Is Under New Ownership

Effective as of midnight, GlossyNews.com is under new ownership. Editor Brian K. White has been relieved of his duties and a new editorial team will be shaping coverage from here out.

The sale had been in the works for some time. Media empire The Blaze Inc. is the purchaser, and while the sum paid is undisclosed, it is rumored to be in the four to five figure range. Read the full story


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Bargis Tryhol Presidential Election Battle Successful on 50 State Ballots

Miami, Florida- Newbie Presidential candidate Bargis Tryhol, who narrowly missed his 2008 presidential qualification window, is now on every state’s Presidential Ballot and is running as a ‘Do Your Own Thing’ candidate.

Tryhol announced today that he has created his first piece of Presidential legislation in hopes of curbing the spiraling US debt. Tryhol, if successful in his run for President, hopes to place the bill before the Senate Leaders some time after inaguruation day. Read the full story


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GlossyNews Staff Shocked By Layoff Notices

In a surprising development this morning layoff notices were delivered to the 45 employees of the company who work in the print division. This was an unexpected move coming so close on the heels of the recent tenth anniversary.

Locked in a heated battle for overall supremacy of the satire market with long time rival The Onion, GlossyNews has consistently shown class and humor while it’s competitor has only occasionally shown either. Read the full story


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GlossyNews Swallows [Pride] and Merges with Twitter

Following a precipitous plummet in readership, the once formidable political satire site Glossynews announced today that it will be merging with Twitter to create internet’s the first 140 character satire site.  Glossynews found itself in trouble shortly after insisting on well-edited pieces, much to the ire of thousands of aspiring writers who produced copious amounts of material for the site. Read the full story


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