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Kardashians Slam Kendall Jenner’s “Boob Walk”

The Internet is all a twitter over Kendall Jenner’s romp down the catwalk at Thurdays New York Fashion Week dressed in a shear, boob flaunting Marc Jacobs original. It didn’t take long for the fur to fly.

In a tweet later that day half sister Khloe Kardashian posted “Boobs? What boobs? All I saw were a couple of chest pimples. Seriously, does she have a plastic surgeon?”.

Later Kourtney Kardashian followed up “Kendall is only half Kardashian. Obviously she got too many genes from ambiguously male daddy Bruce and not enough from the good side of the family.” Read the full story


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Fashion Industry schemes to Punish Men by turning Women into Freaks

Dateline: LOS ANGELES — More and more consumers are aware that magazines hire Photoshop artists to doctor pictures of celebrities, as part of an elaborate ritual designed to appease the celebrities’ agents and to flatter the egocentric actresses so they’ll agree to pose for more photos for those publications. Wrinkles or other skin blemishes are airbrushed out, tummies are flattened, legs lengthened. Read the full story


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Grandpa Oblivious That Unformed Bill of Baseball Cap Definitely Upping His Steez

FINDLAY, OHIO — Local 91 Year Old Alfred Wintacki remains oblivious to the fact that the unformed, flat bill of his Cleveland Indians snapback baseball cap is definitely upping his level of steez, several of his great-grandchildren confirmed yesterday. Read the full story


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Fashion Police Accused of Disproportionately Targeting Blacks

LOS ANGELES, CA – An investigation has begun into allegations that members of the fashion police have deliberately set out to target blacks during routine fashion exposes and before-and-after shots.

The announcement comes after 2,000,000 eye-witnesses reported seeing singer Beyonce attacked inside the pages of several high profile magazines earlier this month, when dozens of “highly unflattering” images of the pregnant star were allegedly exposed by fashion police. Read the full story


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Police credit urban fashion trend in helping to catch criminals

For years, our nation’s law enforcement agencies have made great technological strides in their efforts to hunt down criminals. Thanks to popular shows like CSI Miami, CSI New York, CSI Las Vegas, and the lesser known CSI Akron, CSI Schenectady and CSI Terre Haute, Indiana, police in our nation’s most crime-ridden cities (have you been to Terre Haute lately? Lock your doors!) are now able to use sophisticated tools to solve perplexing crimes and track down the bad guys.

But soon our nation’s police may turn to a decidedly low tech solution to help them catch a thief, that is, if they take my expert crime-prevention counsel. I give you Exhibit A: baggy pants – preferably worn about mid-thigh – by fashion-conscious urban gang members. Read the full story


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Local Hipster Unsure if 20 is Too Many Bracelets

Jason Just-Jason-Guy comes to this unmarked, semi-private club at least four nights a week to hear bands you’ve never heard of interpreting songs you woulnd’t get, but he wonders if he looks right.

“I put on some bracelets,” explains Jason, “but then I put on some more and some more, and I wonder if I’m being too indie when I do it, you know?” Read the full story


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Why did the hipster shop at the thrift store (comic)

Hipsters are odd, unpredictable sorts of people. They do things that at the same time seem needlessly expensive and perfectly hobo-esque. There’s just no predicting them, and they like it that way.

So why did the hipster shop at the thrift store? You may think you know the answer, but even if you do, and even if you’re right, you’re surely wrong, as they shift so quickly with the winds, so as never to be in-the-moment cool. Read the full story


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You Know What’s Great About Being a Hipster? (comic)

We all hate hipsters, it’s universal. Even hipsters themselves hate the term as much as they despise being one, which is odd, since it isn’t yet “cool” to be a hipster, so you’d think they’d love it.


It’s all pre-cool, meta-cool and any other filler terms I can think of to put here to make this seem like an actual entry, and not just a graphical post. Read the full story


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Hipsters New Fad; Ducks (comic)

Presented in the proper light, anything can be deemed to be cool, hip and worthy. Hell, just slap a fedora on a crap-burger, and hipsters will embrace it wholly.

CLICK THE IMAGE to see it full-sized.

To see all of my comics, including the many that have yet to be published, go to GlossyNews.com/c. It also includes details and commentary you won’t find anywhere else.


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“Yoga Pants in Public” Innovator to Receive Congressional Medal of Freedom

In one of the first truly bipartisan initiatives in recent memory, the 113th US Congress voted overwhelmingly this morning to award the innovator of the “yoga pants in public” women’s fashion trend with the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

Yoga pants left the gym in early 2012 and emerged as an everyday fashion item. The skin-tight garments can be seen from the supermarket to the runway and are especially popular on college campuses. Read the full story


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Hipster Finally Removes Fedora (comic)

Ever seen a hipster and wondered why he doesn’t take off his hat or dark glasses? Those shades make no sense in your particular setting, but rather than wonder or ask him about it, you judge him.

And you’re wrong to do so, because he has his reasons, even if you don’t know, understand or appreciate them. Maybe he’s not trying to be elite so much as simply fit in.

To see all of my comics, including the many that have yet to be published, go to GlossyNews.com/c. It also includes details and commentary you won’t find anywhere else.



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Hipsters Admit “Different” Too Mainstream to be Cool (COMIC)

I feel like I’ve been in this conversation before. Click on it to see the cartoon in full-size, and if you’re already in the page, click on the image to see it blown up to full clarity.


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Boyfriend Somehow Given Final Say Over Which of These 2 Dresses Goes Best with The White Heels

INDIANAPOLIS – Despite possessing virtually no discernible fashion sense or understanding of basic color-coordination, local boyfriend Joseph Clapham was somehow given final say Thursday over which of these two dresses goes best with the white heels.

Happy himself to just hit the town wearing a no-nonsense combination of a button shirt and jeans, the 24-year-old was nonetheless charged with the thankless task of picking between the black-and-white polka-dot dress or, alternatively, the sexy red one. Read the full story


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Hipster Insists “All Clothes Are Reversible”

Baron Davuson, a 30-something living in Seattle, knows HTML, database management craft beer brewing and how to dress like a wealthy hobo.

Davuson made a splash this week with his bold pronouncement, that any clothing can be made hip simply by exercising their innate reversibility, which almost everyone agrees is nonsense.

RIGHT: Here you can see Mr. Davuson’s “straight friend” showing off some designer jeans in reversible-style, to show just how trendy they are for hipsters… Read the full story


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Conference Attendee Changes Outfit Nine Times, Still Not Certain She’s “Dressy” Enough


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Gays in military ask for more fashionable fatigues

Washington, DC – On the high heels of the historic vote to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” openly gay troops are now pushing for the Pentagon to bring in the top fashion designers to create more stylish uniforms. Dubbing it the, “War on Utilitarianism” or, if you’ll pardon the pun, ‘Haute Couterror,’ the newly anointed military fashion faux pas police have announced a call to arms against fashion fatigue. Read the full story


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