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Eric Holder Grabs Justice by the Balls

In theaters now!

If you liked Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn’s performance in the original 2004 sports comedy, then you are going to love Iron E-Media’s latest release: “DOJBall” (starring Attorney General Eric Holder).

With such memorable lines as, “No one makes me police my own policy!” and “If you can dodge justice, you can dodge a ball,” this summer movie is sure to be a classic. Read the full story


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IRS Insists Scandal More of a Misunderstanding

Unlike on Wall Street, gross incompetence has resulted in heads actually rolling at the IRS. It’s not that they’re bad people, even though obviously they are, but that they got caught in a scandal even they don’t know how to diffuse.

“Dude, I’m just a file clerk,” said man name-unknown, who we accosted outside the building during the lunch hour. Clearly he knew something, but he wasn’t willing to talk.

Jakob Marjary, a senior auditor who requested we keep his name anonymous, but whose request was denied, explained from the lavish $55 million dollar retreat in Fiji that “basically, all these jackasses who were trying to not pay taxes in the name of not paying taxes? Yeah, we targeted them. I mean, get real, they’re anti-tax people and we’re literally the tax people.” Read the full story


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Lloyd Blankfein Will NOT Be Romney’s Secretary of the Treasury

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has disclosed to an anonymous source that he probably will not appoint Lloyd Blankfein to the office of Secretary of the Treasury.

Blankfein is CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the nation’s most distinguished financial enterprises.

But whether the rumor that Mr. Blankfein, having heard of the possible appointment, had unwittingly disclosed the idea of running a credit default swap scheme on the nation’s economy has nothing to do with Romney’s thinking at this time. The Romney source was vigorous on this point. Read the full story


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Black Fists of Power Magazine Scores Attorney General Eric Holder Interview

Chicago (AP) – In an exclusive interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Black Fists of Power Magazine Managing Editor, America’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer continued to dodge responsibility for malfeasance at the Department of Justice that even the Associated Press and the New York Times have been unable to ignore. Read the full story


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Obama & His Merry Men Seek to Shake-Down Wall Street

The White House has leaked what costumes the Obamas will be wearing at the annual White House Halloween Ball. The President has chosen to be Robin Hood, and Mrs. President will become Maid Marian. The theme for the ball this year will be “Sherwood Be Nice to Make Everyone Happy.” Read the full story


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