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Three More Satire Audio Podcasts! Dalai Lama, Evil Vatican Regime, God Versus Sideboobniks

I recently introduced my first satire audio podcast on Youtube! From this channel… Viewings are certainly climbing steadily.

My podcasts are not ‘regular’ at the moment, but I don’t think a regular schedule is necessary. It would certainly help though, and I will update you on that.

Here are the next three mp3s and video links. Remember, of course, to keep checking the pages of the recordings to find the (almost exactly) corresponding recording on my Satire Catastrophes site. (I’ve allowed myself a bit of creative license in my recordings!) The four videos so far are from my ebook I Shouldn’t Do God. Others will follow soon which are not from this ebook, nor even from the Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes ebook series!

Firstly, the Dalai Lama, Canon Welby, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Bono (which one is the odd one out?) have a rather tangled interfaith dispute about a whole lot of bugger all. Bless our oul’ Bono lad; see this lad, he’s no Athanasius, so he’s not!

Dalai Lama Versus Archbishop

Next, a certain good Italian-American Catholic Democratic representative is horrified at the horrendous right-wing deviations of the evil Vatican regime. ‘We have to stop this wicked man! It’s the only Christian thing to do!’

(Don’t download if you’re in Cuba or North Korea, or indeed the evil Vatican regime…)

Evil Vatican Regime

Finally, the Episcopalians find themselves utterly unable to reach consensus!

Oo, shit! That one’s gettin’ real old…


Uh, wait, sorry! I meant, ‘The Episcopalians find themselves unable to reach consensus with the Wahhabis and the Southern Baptists! I mean, that’s a completely different thing… Right? Huh? Huh?

Ah, forget it! Just check out the video. It’s pretty middle-of-the-road, after all.


Well,no! Cos if you’ll believe that, you’ll believe anything!

Within reason, of course…

God Hates Sideboob


Keep watching the channel, and I’ll sneer you soon with some more dry, anarchic humor!

In particular, more news on my secret recording of an Angela Merkel telephone conversation 😉


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Ben Carson: Episcopalians are WORSE than ISIS!

Ben Carson has recently made another epic Godwin fail. But who has had the dire misfortune of incurring his wrath this time?

Fifa & ISIS.

Uh, sorry!

Episcopalians & ISIS. One is a thuggish gang of jackbooted religious sectarians who want to undermine and destabilize our culture so the whole world can be exactly like them.

The other is a flamboyant gang of well-groomed cloak-swishing effeminates who are having a scandalous impact on the spiritual wellbeing of this world!

Well, I’ll let you all try and guess which is which.

Read the full story


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