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New Video Series from Brian: Rejected Cops Theme Music

Some of you will already know Brian’s Youtube Channel, and such delights as the ‘How it’s Really Made’ series, which is soon issuing in a new full-blown mockumentary.

However, you may not have seen his new series of funny videos: ‘Rejected Cops Theme Music.’

From tomorrow onwards, you can see a new video every day for… Read the full story


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New Video Parody Series From Brian: Rejected ‘Cops’ Theme Tunes

From tomorrow, there is a video every day from Brian!

Video parodies of the reality TV show ‘Cops,’ with alternative ‘rejected’ videos.

Be sure to click ‘n’ share!



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Four Lessons Learned from Decades Watching COPS

Decades of watching the FOX hit series COPS has taught me some wonderful life lessons. Specifically, it’s taught me how to spot and avoid drug addicts.

The following observations don’t come from a single episode, but countless episodes spanning the decades since it first aired. Though in fairness, you can likely find all these lessons in any single episode. Read the full story


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From COPS to Pot Farmers: How Reality TV Has Done a 360

Everyone who is a fan of reality television knows that COPS is credited with being the first reality-based show on television. A staple on Saturday nights, COPS ruled the roost in reality television for several decades on Fox before being pushed aside for more elaborate shows on other channels.

So it is more than ironic that the latest offering in reality TV shows would be about an activity that has law enforcement officials feeling helpless to stop—Pot Farming in Northern California. Read the full story


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Unphotogenic Cops Pushing ‘No Filming Police’ Legislation

The Chicago Supreme Court has struck down a plea from attorneys hoping to ban citizens from filming police officers in public because being on camera is making many unphotogenic cops feel really uncomfortable.

The decision came after judges decided that the filming of police by citizens was protected under the first amendment, regardless of whether or not those in uniform were self-conscious about their physical appearance. Read the full story


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She’s Convicted of Selling Seashells By The Seashore

A woman who was suspected of selling seashells by the seashore has been arrested near the site of the scandal.

It has been alleged that she was selling seashells by the seashore without a permit to sell seashells by the seashore; she was also selling the shells on for 100% profits.

Police issued an arrest warrant seven days ago and searched for her on the sands and in shops until yesterday, when she was found selling seashells by the seashore. Read the full story


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Cops Can’t be Trusted with Fines

According to a report just released by the UK’s Manky Magistrates Commission the nation’s Plod Squads cannot be trusted to hand out summary justice and will act as “Prosecutor, Judge and Jury” if given further God-like powers to issue on-the-spot fines for simple civil offences – and more serious crimes such as arson, rape or putting your wheelie bin out too early. Read the full story


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Police Chief Faces Racist Probe from “Damn Darkies”

According to a report leaked to the Daily Shitraker by an anonymous source inside the Metropolitan Police Authority (Sergeant Candida Muffrot) an independent investigation has begun into claims of racism against Ms. Catherine Crawfish, the 95-year old Gorgonesque chief executive of the MPA. Read the full story


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Innovative Cops Boost Income by Robbing Cars

While there’s nothing unusual about discovering items of value have been stolen from unlocked (or locked) parked cars – including the actual car wheels or engine – or the car itself – by opportunist thieving Pikey scallies during the deepening recession, it may well come as a bit of a surprise to learn the ‘culprit’ was a member of your local Plod Squad. Read the full story


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