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Trump Visited By Ghosts Of Anti-Communists Past

He was about to slumber, alone in the White House on this winter’s Christmas Eve. Melania and the boys were in Mar-A-Lago. Congress and a quarter of the Federal workforce was shut down. The few advisers that he still listened…

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Advertizement: Join Gay Tankie Liberation 2018! (When You Have a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Sickle)

Are you sick and tired of being accused of being a mainstream, heterobourgeois square? Do your most authentic Komrads laugh at you?

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If Only Stalin and Hitler Had Learned SJW Tactics! (Memes, NSFS — Not Safe For Snowflakes)

SJWs and pomos are often compared to fascists and Stalinists… Such accusations are hardly without their basis in reality.

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Capitalism Undermined Every Day by Well-Heeled, Homeless, Entitled Middle-Class Scroungers

The national magazine sold exclusively by the homeless, Big Woop, has faced many damning criticisms in its time. Allegations abound of aggressive selling techniques which are harming the Universal Beltway Interest of Our Common Humanity and/or that of the Golden…

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