Mistaken Identity Possible Cause of ‘Orange Julius’ Mall Riot In Florida

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Central, Fl- Strange accounts are emerging this afternoon, after Central Police released three people suspected of participation in a riot Friday night which lead to a four hour ordeal that ended with teargas,numerous arrests, injuries and the destruction of a recently installed Orange Julius Kiosk at the Sunset Mall. According to the Orange Julius Official Website, the kiosk was a Prototype, one of three in existence.

In an exclusive interview, I spoke with one of those suspects, Jannie Freeborn, a mother of three from Washburn, Fl, about the events of that evening. This interview has been edited for the purpose of flow.

“Jannie, can you tell me what happened at the Sunset mall on Friday?” Read more Mistaken Identity Possible Cause of ‘Orange Julius’ Mall Riot In Florida


Secret Service Investigate Florida ‘Orange Julius’ Mall Riot

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Central, Fl- Federal authorities, including members of the FBI and the Secret Service, have apparently joined the laundry list of law enforcement agencies investigating a riot that took place at the Sunset Mall Friday evening.

Early Sunday morning a caravan of six unmarked SUV’s were spotted entering the mall parking lot, which at the time of this article’s publishing, remains off limits to the public.

Local authorities have round up at least a dozen suspects, including one man, Wilmont Clemmons, whom eyewitnesses say, was the chief instigator in a rampage that resulted in the destruction of an Orange Julius kiosk, and led to the hospitalization of at least twenty people. Read more Secret Service Investigate Florida ‘Orange Julius’ Mall Riot


Florida Man Vs. Orange Julius Kiosk

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Central, Fl- Central Police were forced to break out the riot gear, after violence erupted inside a suburban mall early Friday night. Wilmont Clemmons, 33, of Clear, Fl was booked on charges of Disturbing the Peace, Destruction of Private Property, and Incitation of a Riot, early Saturday morning according to a police spokesperson.

Witnesses say Clemmons, a mall employee who worked at The Sports Chalet, was completely unprovoked when he “smashed an Orange Julius Kiosk with baseball bat, after appearing to argue with (the kiosk) for quite a few minutes.”

“He encouraged others to join in… many did,” said patron John Stevens who leaned against an ambulance with his arm in a makeshift sling hours after the dust had settled. “Lots of us tried to run, but we got trampled by people rushing towards the commotion, like they wanted to get a better view. It was absolute chaos… they were animals.”

What set Clemmons off, seems to be a question that nobody can answer. According to his girlfriend, who spoke candidly on the condition that we didn’t print her name, Clemmons had just returned to work from a two week trip to his family’s cabin in upper Louisiana, where he spent his time “hunting and blowing shit up.” Read more Florida Man Vs. Orange Julius Kiosk


Revenge Of The Seth

Pre-Summer Bummer

Clear, FL- “Authorities have no leads at this time, and the student body is obviously very disappointed,” Clear County Superintendent of Schools, Denise Tasker told reporters from the steps of James Marsden High School on Monday morning. “I know how much these kids have been looking forward to this year’s Bottle Smosh, and for this to happen two days before the event… it is devastating.”

Monday morning, police were dispatched to the suburban Central Florida campus, after administrators arrived to find that thousands of glass bottles housed at the onsite Recycling Center had been destroyed over the weekend.

“This is a major bummer,” student director of Recycling, Trevor Campbell told me after the press conference. “For the last two years, our Recycling Program has organized the Bottle Smosh. On the last day of the school year, students sign up to run through the Smosh Course, throwing bottles at designated targets throughout our warehouse facility. A panel of judge’s awards each participant a score based on targets hit, time of completion, and level of enthusiasm. At the end of the event, we gather the broken glass, and put it on the big scales, then award the student who guessed closest to the weight, a hundred dollar gift card to the Salvation Army. Last year we gathered over three tons of glass. And this year it actually looked like we were going to shatter that number.”

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