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The Destructive Effects of Capitalism

I wanted to read an article entitled “The Destructive Effects of Capitalism.” It was written by an intellectual who was somewhat right about most everything except practicality. He’s one of those people who writes a lot of those sounds good, won’t work articles.

In his last published opinion he used the term green rape when referring to air pollution, greed and environmental damage. In the comments section I tried to lighten the tone by adding that if you put an “se” in front of rape it becomes a tasseled shawl people wear in Spain, Mexico and gay pride parades. Read the full story


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Rich And Poor State What They Have To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving- Mostly the Rich

“I am thankful that I have a job even though I have to work today ’cause my boss told me too.” said Chad Shafted in a slight break between customers at 11 at night at the Des Plains Walmart in Iowa.

“I am thankful even though I am not being paid a cent extra today.”

On the other hand, the entire Walmart owners, the Walton siblings (and we don’t mean the one from the TV series with Jon Boy), stated “We are thankful we have all these thousands of working bees laboring for us on Thanksgiving so that we can afford our luxus ski vacations in Switzerland today. Read the full story


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Poor Banned From Using Money

Today the upper classes of America succeeded in getting a bill passed banning poor people from using money. Having invested heavily in Senators and Legislators for decades they now saw it was time to remove the economy entirely from the lower masses and keep it firmly in their own clenching hands.

This essentially made everyone in the U.S. except the upper 2% a slave. Read the full story


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Feudalism Reinstituted in Suckersland where One Man owns Everything

Dateline: Richardsville, Suckersland—Economic inequality in Suckersland has reached its ultimate end point: a single man in that nation owns absolutely everything and all of the other inhabitants are broke or in debt.

Lord Richard, the man who literally has everything, surveys Suckersland from one of his palaces, sending in his robotic henchmen to remind the masses of their lowly station. Read the full story


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Weed-Smoking Potlandians Debate Whether to Legalize Nicotine, Alcohol

Dateline: CANNABISTOWN, PO—In Potlandia, marijuana is legal for recreational purposes and is commonly smoked by nearly all of the adult citizens of that country, while alcohol and nicotine are banned. But the alcohol and tobacco industries regard Potlandia’s laws as discriminatory. Read the full story


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Cypriots Taxed On Their Savings- How To Really Screw Your Fellow Countrymen

Now it is the island nation of Cyprus’s time to come under the guillotine of economic bankruptcy.

The only difference with their bankers way of dealing with it is that, instead of doing it in the U.S. fashion of taking the needed money from what the government holds in taxpayer money the Cypriot financial wizards are simply charging a tax directly to people who have accounts in their banks that are failing. Read the full story


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America’s New Dirty Words Are No Longer Four Letters Long

Merriam Webster Online, one of the worlds most famous English dictionaries, has announced that the most looked up words online this year were ‘socialism’ and ‘capitalism’.

This just goes to show the confusion in the American public over the true meaning of these words. They have been so loosely dropped from the lips of hundreds of pundits, talk show hosts, journalists and bloggers that no one can be blamed for being confused. Read the full story


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Protester Ousted for Using Capitalism-Made Product

A woman was removed from protest group Occupy after fellow member found out that she used commercial sanitary products.

Mary Chambers was dishonorably dismissed from the group following an incident were her bag fell open and the contents fell to the ground including female sanitary products.

Eyewitnesses said that a tampon rolled across the floor to the outrage of onlookers.

“I saw her bend over really quickly to pick it up and hide it under her jacket. I was just so, so, shocked” Said Harriet from New England.

“I mean it is totally disloyal to the reasons why we are here, she tried to deny it but we all saw and circled in around her.”

There is some disagreement as to what happened next but it resulted in Ms Chambers being removed from the group meeting in New York.

“I am so angry, this goes against everything we stand for. She is using the tools of the fat cats to catch her menstruation. It’s like she is literally being fucked by capitalism every 28 days.” Said, outspoken, Sara from New York.

She continued: “We have evidence that shows that those tampons were made in sweatshops in Indonesia and China using child labor.”

“She has completely dishonored the sisterhood here in the Occupy group, she should be ashamed of herself for using the products of an unjust capitalist system for her own convenience.”

Ms Chambers was unavailable for comment.


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The Prosperity Preschool

About this time last year, I found myself confronted with a daunting task: enrolling my son in a preschool. As all American parents know, it’s a choice upon which a child’s entire future can hinge, and requires diligence, focus, and tenacity.

I should say that I needed to enroll him in a new preschool, since, like any high-achieving three year-old, he was already attending school, and since, as with the previous schools, the current one wasn’t quite working out. Let’s say it was a disaster. Yes, the teachers were nice, the students too, but their values were utterly un-American. Read the full story


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10 Common Misconceptions about Buddhism and Hinduism and their Influences in the West


1. Hinduism is not Polytheism. It’s Henotheism, meaning each god is believed to be a window on the One or the All.

2. In Hinduism, “the physical realm doesn’t exist.”
The supreme reality is known as Brahman. The same god, if you can’t grasp the abstractness of infinite cosmos represented by an infinite being, can be encountered physically by Saguna Brahman, god-with-physical-attributes. This version of the deity is very close to the Jewish and Christian image of God as the loving Father. If nothing exist, how can there be Saguna Brahman, by your argument? Read the full story


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We Are Taking Over This Website To Show You This Message


Official notification is hereby given by venue of this website to all citizens of the United States that the government of said land is dissolved and that the entity formerly known as the United States Of America has been acquired in a hostile takeover by the newly formed Corporation of North America. All questions of national allegiance and international relations will now be addressed to the Halliburton America section of of the new entity. Read the full story


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Goldman Sachs Can’t Eliminate Mysterious Odor of Dirty Rats

New York, NY (GlossyNews) –The area around the offices of Goldman Sachs in New York City and New Jersey are void of pedestrian and vehicular traffic because of an overwhelming stench resembling the smell of dirty rats emanating from every part of the building and the pores of some of the top executives.

After almost six months of investigating, The New York and New Jersey health departments cannot pinpoint the source of the nauseating smell, but the search has narrowed to the top few floors of the Goldman Sachs buildings where the smell is so strong it’s beginning to eat the paint from the walls. Read the full story


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Documents Show Auschwitz Death Camp Doctors Living on Food Stamps

WARSAW, Poland (GlossyNews) — Archaeologists working to better understand the reign of Hitler and his Third Reich have discovered food coupons for some of the notorious SS doctors at the Auschwitz death camp, including the sadistic Dr. Joseph Mengele. Read the full story


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Wall Street Declares Itself An Independent Nation

Wall Street, in a surprising move today, declared itself a separate governing republic and detached from the US. Always considered a bulwark of staunch capitalism, the recent bailout has changed the economic thinking of it’s leaders. Upon succession Wall Str. renamed itself “The Socialist Republic of Wall Str.”. Hugo Chavez sent them a telegram of congratulations.

Critics of this development suggest that having achieved independence Wall Str. would not have to return the $700 billion handout. Read the full story


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Senate Hands Control of Health Care Reform to Private Citizen

Hoboken NJ — In an effort to provide the best possible universal health care coverage to American Citizens, the Senate today released a new, surprise, Health Care Plan where all coverage will be provided through the ‘Bill Whiddel Insurance Agency’. Mr Whiddel runs a small, one man office in Hoboken, New Jersey. Whiddel was surprised by the plan, which would give him $400 Billion per year for the next 52 years to provide health care coverage to all Americans. Read the full story


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The Advantage Small Government (in the epicenter of a Global Financial Crisis)?

Milton Friedman is a canonized saint (Nobel Prize) of modern economics, continuing a line laissez-faire, market-driven economy first started by Adam Smith. And culturally, America revered Friedman as a freedom fighter against the Soviet totalitarian expansions during the Cold War. Friedman’s theory favors minimum government (Libertarian), especially minimum, government intervention on national markets. Trusting solely on the active, free-market forces, all exchange of goods will (in theory) be taken care of by individual understanding of supply-and-demand. Read the full story


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